Hello Titan!

If you are Undeclared by default of not being admitted to the CSUF Nursing program, please read ahead about important details concerning being Undeclared and also nursing options.

It is HIGHLY recommended that if you were accepted into a non-CSUF nursing program to enter that program directly as space is limited with our program.

For Nursing, there are some things to consider especially about your path at CSUF. Please read these items with care: 

  • If you were not accepted into the Nursing program upon admission to CSUF, you  cannot  change your major into Nursing.  

  • You may choose any other major at CSUF. Nursing is not available for change of major.

  • In addition, we  do not  have a Pre-Nursing track as many other institutions offer.  

  • You can review the Traditional BSN (CSUF Student Pathway) program (please read footnote below carefully). This program admits applicants each fall term. Please refer to the School of Nursing website for more information:  h ttp://nursing.fullerton.edu/programs/elbsn/index.php . Please e-mail Laurel Replogle (Pre-Enrollment Advisor) at  nursing@fullerton.edu   with any questions.  


Then what are your options?

Options available:

Option 1:  You can attend a community college and complete an Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) program. This is a direct pathway in which you can obtain your California RN license.

To be a nurse in the State of California, you need your RN license, which you can qualify for by compleyting the ADN program or BSN program. you can then apply to the  CSUF RN-BSN transfer program to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Option 2:  If you decide to complete your bachelor's degree in another field, you then have the option of  applying to the School of Nursing's Accelerated BSN Program. Again, this program is impacted and admission is not a gurantee. You will need to complete the required prerequisites before you can apply.

Option 3:    If you accept admission into a non-nursing major at CSUF, you can complete the required prerequisites and apply to the  Traditional BSN (CSUF Student Pathway) program * . We recommend applying to other nursing programs (outside of CSUF) at the same time to give yourself opportunities to be accepted into a nursing program.  

You are encouraged to research other nursing programs throughout the State of California on the  Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) website .  


*After completing the typical timeframe of 3 years to complete nursing pre-requisites while an Undeclared or other major, you can apply to the nursing program. The School of Nursing offers information sessions about this option but space is limited to 1-3 students per year. Normally, there are several hundred Undeclared students on campus with aspirations to Nursing. There is NO GUARANTEE you will be admitted to the Nursing major after completing pre-requisites and other admission criteria. Enrollment at CSUF as Undeclared is not to be pursued as a likely pathway into the Nursing major.