Heritage Month

Originating in 1978, the first ten days of May celebrated “Asian-Pacific Heritage Week.” Since 1992, the week-long celebration has officially become a month-long celebration. Due to our academic calendar, April marks the beginning of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month at California State University Fullerton. This month celebrates the cultures, traditions, and rich history of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans in the United States.

The Asian Pacific American Resource Center, in collaboration with various departments, off-campus partners, and student organizations, invites you, your students, and colleagues to participate in this year’s APIDA Heritage Month programs. Aligned with the theme: Transforming Words to Action: Empowering Invisible Voices”,  this year’s includes events that highlight lived-experiences of the diverse APIDA communities.

For more information and other inquiries, please contact the Asian Pacific American Resource Center at 657-278-3742 or via email at APARC@Fullerton.edu.

Heritage Month 2019 

List of Events

    • APRIL 9

      5:30 - 7:30pm

      President's Reception

      Fullerton Arboretum
    • April 10

      3:30 - 5pm

      ASI-APIDA Roundtable



    • April 15

      10 -11:30am

      APIDA Immigration Narratives - Desi Community

    • APRIL 15

      11:30am - 1pm

      Celebration to Learning: Follow Up Dialogue to APIDA Heritage Month President's Reception

      PLS 360
    • APRIL 15

      1 - 2:15pm

      Poetry Month (featuring Marilyn Chin)

      PLN 130
    • APRIL 16

      8:30 - 9:45am

      Poetry Month (featuring Vickie Vertiz and Kenji C. Liu)

      PLN 130
    • APRIL 22

      5 - 7pm

      Bops, Bars, and Chill Vibes: A Night of Queer Expression (featuring Terisa Siagatonu)

      PLN 130
    • APRIL 24

      12 - 1pm

      APIDA Community Conversations: Ashely Ongalibang

    • APRIL 30

      12 - 1pm

      Art of Wellness: Clay Play

    • MAY 2

      12 - 1pm

      APIDA Heritage Month Panel

    • MAY 5

      12 - 2pm

      17th Annual APIDA Grad Ceremony

      TSU Pavilions
    • MAY 10

      6 - 8pm

      20th Annual P-Grad Ceremony

      TSU Pavilions