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The Asian Pacific American Resource Center strives to provide students with the resources and training needed to become a successful student at California State University, Fullerton. On the left tabs menu, there are a list of campus resources that we find may be useful for undergraduates, graduates, staff, and faculty.

Campus and community resources

Asian Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association

The mission of the California State University, Fullerton Asian American and Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association (AAPIFSA) is to bring together members of the CSUF faculty and staff in order to promote an inclusive and equitable campus climate for all groups.

  • To help Asian-American students achieve educational excellence and to respond proactively to the needs of the Asian and Asian-related student body.
  • To promote a campus climate that is sensitive, representative and fair to all ethnic groups.
  • To acknowledge and celebrate the commonalities in the Asian cultures amidst their diversity and to build a strong social network and effective linkages with the University administration.

For more information please click on Asian Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association

Asian American Studies Department

The minor and the option in Asian American Studies are designed for students who have an interest in learning about the experiences, expression and social conditions of Americans of Asian ancestry, including those whose origins trace back to central, south and southeast, as well as east Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Cross-disciplinary in nature, Asian American Studies draws on a wide variety of courses offered throughout the university which relate to Asian American history, art, literature, politics, socio-economics, psychology and relations to other ethnic and sociopolitical groups.

The goals of both the option and the minor are to encourage more students to do work in the area and to prepare students in selected career paths where sensitivity to and knowledge of Asian American issues, history and artistic expression are important. These include careers in counseling, human services, nursing, public administration, law and the health professions; teaching careers in history, English, political science, psychology, sociology, as well as elementary school education.

For more information please click on Asian American Studies

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to remove the cost barriers that may prevent you from pursuing your educational goals. Assistance is available from a variety of programs funded by federal, state, university and private sources. Students who demonstrate significant financial need may qualify for grant aid while students with less need may obtain low cost loans. Financial need is determined through a federal formula that assesses the family’s relative financial strength and ability to contribute to meeting the student’s educational costs. You may get an estimate of your financial aid eligibility through CSUCC (see below).

For more information, please click on CSUF Financial Aid Office


Our mission is to work in a collaborative partnership with students, a shared responsibility, where the advisor and student are equally invested in the educational process and holistic development of the student.

Academic Advisement is available on a walk-in basis, so come in anytime to meet with an academic advisor. To maximize your valuable time, plan ahead and visit the Academic Advisement Center during non-regis tration periods.

For more information, please click on Academic Advising Center

STudent Organizations

One of the ways the Asian Pacific American Resource Center provides students networking and leadership opportunities is by connecting students with the many organizations affiliated with the resource center.  Below is a list of student organizations dedicated to the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) student experience at CSUF.

Student Association For Asian American Studies

The purpose of this organization is to support the growth and development (academic, personal, and professional) of the students of the CSUF Department of Asian American Studies (ASAM), to provide opportunities for student leadership, organizing, and community building, to provide space to build friendships and connections within Asian American Studies, and to serve Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) and allied communities.


Chinese Studies Society


Chinese Studies Society (CSS) is a non-profit and non-partisan cultural student organization at California State University, Fullerton for students who have interests in learning the Chinese Language (Mandarin) and culture.

CSS's purpose is to gather students from our diverse campus who are keen on learning more on Chinese Culture and inter-cultural exchange. We provide opportunities for you to learn more about Mandarin and Chinese Culture through our events and workshops

Weekly Meeting:
Thursdays at 4pm in TSU Bradford AB



Indian Student Association


The Indian Student Association (ISA) at California State University, Fullerton is a non-profit student organization that provides a platform for helping students understand the cultures and the heritage of India, while branching out and networking with the Indian community of Southern California. ISA utilizes many of the campus resources available to promote cultural awareness throughout the student body. With close to 200 members, the Indian Student Association is one of the largest cultural organizations at the CSUF campus. ISA is a great organization for students who want to become more involved on campus or learn about the Indian culture.  


Japanese Culture Club


Founded in the Fall semester of 2010, the Japanese Culture Club of CSUF is a non-profit cultural student organization at California State University, Fullerton.

Our purpose is to bring together a diverse group of students who share common interests in Japanese culture and intercultural exchange.  We provide opportunities for students and others in the community to enjoy and learn more about Japanese culture and language through a variety of events.  This is a place where everyone can experience fun and exciting adventures as we bridge the gaps of language and cultural barriers.


Lebanese Social Club

The Lebanese Social Club's mission t o promote the interests of the Lebanese students at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). As well as to acquaint the California State University, Fullerton community with Lebanon and the Lebanese people, as well as to promote their culture.


Nikkei Student Union

The purpose of this organization is to promote Japanese American culture and political awareness among the student body; as well as to organize social and community service activities.

Weekly Meetings:
Thursdays at 7pm


Pilipinx American Student Association Kaibigan

Pilipino American Student Association (PASA) Kaibigan is a student based group set out on promoting Pilipino unity through education, responsibility, and character. By teaching Pilipino culture among the youth, we aim to build Integrity & Friendship, so that one day they themselves can make a difference.


Queer And Trans People Of Color Collective


The Queer and Trans People of Color Collective (QTPOCC) promotes a space where individuals of the queer and transgender community can discuss the intersection of identities such as race, gender,sex, class, and abilities inherent to the community as well as to being of a student of color. QTPOCC's mission is to enhance the CSUF community by promoting solidarity and empowerment, free expression, and acceptance of all individuals.


Students for Justice in Palestine


Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) serves as a nationally organized student group on campuses across the United States to reveal the injustices, realities, and oppression that the Palestinian people are subjugated to on a daily basis, despite the propaganda machine that tries to depict otherwise. SJP consists of students, faculty, and community members working together in solidarity with the Palestinian people against apartheid and occupation. Our goals include connecting the Palestinian struggle with other global struggles and injustices to draw parallels and to better shape the campus community’s understandings of such issues.  SJP aims to emphasize the significance of Palestinian history and culture through social and educational events and workshops.


Vietnamese Student Association


The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) (Họi Sinh Viên Việt Nam) is a social and cultural group  on campus at CSU Fullerton that promotes cultural awareness through fun, educational, and philanthropic events. We help to expand the Vietnamese Community and help them have a sense of home while joining this organization. CSUF VSA is part of the coalition called UVSA (Union of Vietnamese Student Associations). UVSA consists of 13 other University VSAs in Southern California. 

Bi-Weekly Meetings:
Wednesdays at 4pm in Becker Amphitheater

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