APISAA Heritage Month 2023

The Asian Pacific American Resource Center provides extensive educational programming, social events, and celebrations for the Asian, Pacific Islander, and South Asian American (APISAA) communities at California State University, Fullerton during APISAA Heritage Month. We aim to engage the campus community in dialogue and reflection that highlights the excellence, allyship, and advocacy that caters to our community during the month of April.

About APISAA Heritage Month 2023

Dear Titans ,

The theme of 2023 is "The Colors of the APISAA Mosaic: Piecing Together Our Diverse Stories." Just like a mosaic made up of different colored pieces, we acknowledge that each person in the APISAA community has their own story to tell, shaped by their individual experiences and cultural traditions. By sharing these stories, we can deepen our understanding of the unique tapestry of the APISAA community. By embracing the colors of the APISAA mosaic, we can celebrate our rich and diverse cultures, experiences and histories, while also working to address these challenges and promote greater understanding and inclusion.  APISAA Heritage Month reminds us that every individual in the APISAA community is a valuable and integral part of the whole, and that by coming together and embracing our differences, we can create a brighter and more vibrant future for all.

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