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2020 Census
2010 Census

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U.S. Census 2020

April 1, 2020 - National Census Day
January 19, 2021 - Census Bureau begins release of 2020 Census geographic products (no data) by state.
April 26, 2021 - Census Bureau announces 2020 Census U.S. Population is 331,449,281
Decennial Census by Decade, 2020 
August 12, 2021 - Census Bureau released Legacy-format 2020 Census Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171)
September 16, 2021 - Census Bureau released user-friendly format 2020 Census Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171) on

Orange County 2020 Census Places Demographic Profile (click to download PDF)        
This document contains two-page profiles for California, Orange County, and Orange County's 45 Census Places, plus total unincorporated and the remainder unincorporated county areas. Data is from the 2020 Census Demographic Profile. PDF format. 2.24MB

2010-2020 Orange County Change Profile (click to download PDF) 
This document contains maps and tables displaying data from Census 2010 and 2020 along with the numeric and percent change over time for Orange County jurisdictions. Tables display total population, population by race/ethnicity, adult and youth populations, group quarters populations by type, and housing units. PDF format.

California State Department of Finance 2020 Census Dates, Data, Details, and Updates website.


The links will contain the Orange County data at various geographies in Excel format with source data information. The GIS shapefiles can be downloaded in zip format. Click on the links to download the files.

Data is original from the 2020 Census Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171) released August 12, 2021 and does not contain any corrections to FIPS codes or Census Place identified by CDR.


Census Geography
Excel File
GIS Shapefile
Block Census2020_OC_Block.xlsx Zipped_Shapefiles_Census2020_All_Geographies
Block Group Census2020_OC_BG.xlsx
Partial Block Group Census2020_OC_PBG.xlsx
Census Tract Census2020_OC_CT.xlsx
Partial Census Tract Census2020_OC_PCT.xlsx
Place Census2020_OC_Place.xlsx