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Housing Inventory System (HIS)


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Demographic Data Services

The Center for Demographic Research (CDR) provides a wide range of demographic and GIS/Mapping services. Our mission is to provide quality data and related technical services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Since 1996, we have collaborated with a diverse clientele representing large and small organizations in both private and public sectors. We invite you to bring us your data challenges.

For direct links to already available demographic and GIS data sources, please visit our  Links to Other Sites  page. 


The primary function of the center is to produce estimates and projections for housing, population, and employment for a variety of geographic areas (i.e., census tract, census block, traffic analysis zone) in Orange County. These efforts support both operational and long-range planning activities of various government agencies, other public or quasi-public agencies, and private organizations. The CDR staff engages in a variety of collaborative activities and research including: regional planning efforts; transportation modeling data preparation; and professional support of county, city, special district, and local, non-profit agency planning and evaluation efforts

A common example of data services that CDR provides is in aggregating various data from the Decennial U.S. Census for cities, and local and private agencies for varying geographic areas. Many times, data aggregation is performed in conjunction with our GIS/Mapping services. Some demographic data include:

  • Employment
  • Unemployment
  • Housing
  • Housing Inventory System (HIS)
  • Income
  • Population
  • Ethnicity and Race Distribution
  • Education
  • Redistricting/Districting

In addition, CDR has collaborated on a number of dynamic demographic projects. Below is a listing of a few of our past projects:

For more information regarding Data Services, contact the CDR at (657) 278-3009.