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Housing Inventory System (HIS)

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Housing Inventory System (HIS)


Part of the annual work program at the Center for Demographic Research is to produce population and housing estimates for sub-city areas in Orange County. These estimates are used to monitor and calibrate the Orange County Projections that are used for a host of planning and policy applications including the Regional Transportation Plan, Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), OCTA's transportation modeling and the Congestion Management Plans to name a few. The foundation for developing these estimates is based on data (housing stock changes) provided by each jurisdiction.


CDR requests that each jurisdiction provide a report of their annual dwelling unit gains and losses by structure type with address information for each calendar year. CDR has designed a standardized form to use to create a monthly or yearly summary of the data we are requesting.

To download this file, click on the HIS Form buttom in the upper right of this page. The current form can be used for all prior years' data.

The form is an Excel spreadsheet and includes 3 worksheets:

  • Year- blank form to input the data
  • Sample- example of how we want the data entered
  • Instructions- detailed instructions on how to use the form and definitions
  • Unit type flow chart
  • ADU Unit type- Table

If you need more information or have any questions please contact
Paul Lewis at (657) 278-3417 or

HIS Form Download

Updated 12/2023