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1121 N. State College Blvd.
Suite 238
Fullerton, CA 92831-3014
Phone:  (657) 278-3009
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GIS/Mapping Services

The Center for Demographic Research (CDR) provides a wide range of demographic and GIS/Mapping services. Our mission is to provide quality data and related technical services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Since 1996, we have collaborated with a diverse clientele representing large and small organizations in both private and public sectors. We invite you to bring us your data challenges.

For direct links to already available demographic and GIS data sources, visit our  Links to Other Sites  page. 


The CDR has created an online geographic reference map that contains new and historic geographic reference boundaries from multiple sources. All layers included have point and click identifiers or displayed names. The layers are not downloadable, but agency source information is included if GIS information is desired. Click on the  CDR GEO REFERENCE MAP link  to access the web map.


Utilizing Geographic Information systems (GIS), CDR offers a range of products and services to enable the cost-effective capture, display and synthesis of geographic information. We are able to undertake most GIS projects including:

  • Custom mapping
  • Project Design & Implementation
  • Base Map Development
  • Data Research
  • High Quality Maps and Images
  • Large/Small Scale Printing
  • GIS Analysis/ Interpretation
  • Geocoding
  • Application Development
  • Redistricting/Districting 

Past and present GIS subject areas have included Demographics, General Plans, Water Distribution System Lines, Crime Analysis and Redistricting. Below is our quarterly newsletter which describes and highlights GIS applications and a PowerPoint presentation of a few of our past GIS projects, click on a hyperlink to see details:
Orange County Profiles: Geographic Information Systems: GIS
Sample GIS Projects (PDF)

Our GIS base is primarily ESRI products. We combine the power of ArcGIS with other task-targeted GIS tools. Equally important, we have a dedicated professional GIS staff with a broad range of experience. For more information regarding GIS/Mapping Services, contact Rodolfo Aguilar at (657) 278-4670 or