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The CDR produces a number of different products available online or for purchase.

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Orange County Facts & Figures is a quarterly publication which focuses on the most frequently asked questions about Orange County demographics and related information.

Orange County Progress Report is an annual report which presents a unified and a comprehensive picture of Orange County and its 34 cities including its economic health, its demographic status and trends, and other information of interest to those who might wish to relocate to Orange County, do business in the County, or otherwise have an interest in the economic and demographic status and future of Orange County.

Orange County Projections is the approved dataset of population, housing, and employment projections by 2020 census tract, jurisdiction, Community Analysis Area, and Regional Statistical Area for a 25-year period.

Housing Activity Reports  is an annual report on the housing construction and demolition activity by jurisdiction. The CDR collects address-level housing construction and demolition data through the Housing Information System (HIS) effort on completed units through building finals, certificates of occupancy, or utility releases, and those reported as demolished units. Information is released in aggregate form at the city level.

Boundary & Annexation Reports  is an annual report detailing the changes to Orange County jurisdictional boundaries on an annual basis. These reports are created in collaboration with information from the County of Orange Surveyor and the Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission.

Orange County Profiles is an archive page of the historical quarterly newsletter. These issues were dedicated to covering one demographic issue concerning Orange County with text, graphics and tables over 4-8 pages. Due to reduced funding, June 2009 was the last issue.