Student Assessment Scholars

Modeled after a similar program at Biola University, CSUF launched its first Student Assessment Scholars’ program in 2017.  Led by Dr. Su Swarat and Dr. Ioakim Boutakidis, the program aims to engage students in learning assessment in an active manner.  Specifically, it is designed to:

  • Help students develop the skills to understand and assess learning from an institutional perspective
  • Bring students to the center of the discussion about their own learning
  • Cultivate research and assessment competencies through hands-on projects

Through regular seminar discussions and hands-on research projects, students develop knowledge and skills in a variety of areas such as assessment in higher education, research design, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and data reporting and presentation. 

 The inaugural class consisted of 6 students, details about their experience are reported in this article, June 18, 2018Opens in new window .