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 California State University, Fullerton

Xiong Wang, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science Areas of Research

Project one: Incorporating real time traffic information into route-finder
Collaborators: Kunal Desai, Swaroop Deshmukh, Susamma Barua, Xiong Wang
The goal of this project is to incorporate real time traffic information into an optimal route-finder in an environment similar to Yahoo! Maps. The system employs intelligent AI algorithms in searching for several alternative routes from one address to another. Swaroop and Kunal have completed most of the data collection and design phases. Different AI algorithms will be implemented and tested.

Project two: Role-based access control for both data and scripts
Collaborators: Kunal Malviya, Susamma Barua, Michael Shafae, Xiong Wang
The goal of this project is to extend role-based access from data to scripts. The users are classified into different roles. A script will display different information according to the role of the user.