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 California State University, Fullerton

Christopher Tae Ryu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Program Coordinator of Master Degree in Software Engineering

Research interests:
Dr. Ryu’s research interests include data mining, computational finance, and evolutionary computation. His current research projects include a Web-based telecommunications link and orbital analysis, simulation, and operation; market valuation and risk modeling using Bayesian networks.

Project title:
A Web-based telecommunications link and orbital analysis, simulation, and operation

Project Description:
Real-time communications, link performance verification, and spacecraft anomalous correction require an efficient and reliable tool. NASA/JPL has developed a Telecommunications Forecaster and Predictor (TFP) to support many NASA missions. The original version was designed to run on a single user’s machine, and required the MATLAB installed.
The current project is to develop an efficient web-based telecommunications planning tool, which can extend to accommodate many operational needs for various NASA missions. The Web version of TFP (WebTFP) system runs on a Linux machine, which uses the Apache web server. Java and JavaScript were used to create an interactive web interface for the system, and MATLAB is used behind the scene to carry out all computation and simulations. This allows users to access the full power of the system with only a web browser, without having to download the system on their machine. In addition, all updates and new missions are immediately available to all users through the browser.
The significance of the WebTFP includes: (1) telecommunication analysis anywhere—authorized users can access the high-fidelity link analysis tool with a web browser (2) access to all missions JPL makes available, (3) multiple spacecraft operation modes, and (4) support for possible customizable client needs.