ECS Alumnus Bill Ruh '83, '84 Honored at Vision & Visionaries Dinner and Celebration

March 4, 2017

 ECS Alumnus Bill Ruh '83, '84 Honored at Vision & Visionaries Dinner
ECS alumnus Bill Ruh '83, '84 was recently honored at Cal State Fullerton’s Vision & Visionaries dinner and celebration. Having received the Distinguished Alumnus Award, Ruh is an example of the type of success alumni can work towards while building their careers. While at CSUF he earned a B.S., and M.S. in computer science.

Currently, Ruh serves as CEO for GE Digital, and is senior vice president and chief digital officer. His responsibilities include the creation of GE’s Digital Thread — a next-generation system for streamlining design, manufacturing and support processes. Ruh joined GE Digital in 2011 to establish the company’s industrial internet strategy and lead the convergence of the physical and digital worlds within the corporation. During his tenure, Ruh led efforts to develop the first cloud-based platform for the industrial world.

Prior to GE Digital, Ruh served as a vice president at Cisco Systems, where he was responsible for developing advanced services and solutions. A 30-year veteran of the software and internet industries, Bill is an accomplished author and a frequent speaker on such topics as emerging business models, cloud computing, analytics, and more.

Last year, CSUF and GE Digital teamed up for the GE/California State University Innovation Challenge. Ruh was instrumental in securing the $150,000 grant to create this opportunity for students.

*Source: CSUF News


Photos from Vision and Visionaries Dinner and Celebration.

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Established in 1994, the Vision & Visionaries awards are the highest honors bestowed by California State University, Fullerton on alumni and community honorees. The Vision & Visionaries awardees selected over the years represent distinguished achievement in areas such as academia, the arts, athletics, business, journalism, humanities, and science.

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