Graduate Student Research in the Woods Lab

Jen McCoy in the field


Jen McCoy

Thesis Project

Lower Triassic stromatolites near Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, and their paleoenvironmental and paleobiological significance


Paul Alms in the field


Paul Alms

Thesis Project

Early Recovery of Lower Triassic Trace Makers following the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction


Karen Anderson in the field


Karen Anderson

Thesis Project

Taphonomy of Early Triassic ganoid fish fossils of Vega-Phroso Siltstone Member of the Sulphur Mountain Formation near Wapiti Lake in British Columbia


Bob Kervin in the field


Bob Kervin

Thesis Title

Paleokarst Evolution of the Ordovician Pogonip Group Near Beatty, NV 

Completed in December, 2006

Currently Employed by
El Paso Corporation, Houston, Texas


Brenda in the field


Brenda ten Bruggencate

Thesis Title

Paleoproductivity and Paleoredox in the Union Wash Formation, East-central California:  Evidence and Mechanism for Prolonged Biotic Recovery in the Early Triassic

Completed in December, 2006

Currently employed by the
Santa Fe Springs Fire Department