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Faculty Student Success Dashboard

Faculty Student Success Dashboard (FSSD) empowers faculty to proactively engage with their students in ways that promote student success across a variety of indicators.

Faculty Dashboard

Titan Direct Access

The Titan Direct Access Program offers digital course materials to students through the Campus Portal and Canvas.

Titan Direct Access


Proctorio is an online, remote exam proctoring tool. This platform works with Canvas for faculty and students. 

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VoiceThread is an online collaboration tool for faculty and students to use through the Campus Portal.

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VitalSource Faculty Sampling

VitalSource provides the world's largest catalog of digital course materials featuring eTextbook versions of the most widely adopted textbooks available in North American higher education. 


Course Attendance

Course Attendance allows students to log in and add their attendence to their classes via the iFullerton app.

Course Attendance

Innovation/MakerSpace Center

The Innovation/MakerSpace Center has been created to fulfill creativity, innovation and talent through advanced technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, Microsoft Surface Hub, Raspberry Pi, and high-end computing.

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Data Visualization Center

The Data Visualization Center offers data experts an immersive space to analyze and display data in an innovative and meaningful way. The high-tech center is equipped with all of the tools needed in order to handle large data sets along with a 184” screen to display data in high resolution.

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Copyright on Tutoring Sites

With the proliferation of sites like Chegg, Quizlet, Coursehero, etc. professors are starting to see their course material online in unauthorized manners. Learn how to alert these sites of the inappropriate use of your material.

Copyright Reporting