Technology Standards


Campus Rollout Computers

The IT Rollout department offers PC & Mac desktop workstations, laptops, and iPads for employees as qualified per their employment contract.  Rollout desktops and laptops are refreshed every three to five years.  Check for a list of standard campus rollout equipment.

Computers Purchased by Departments

ASC, ASI, and grant-funded and self-funded departments may choose to purchase new computers, replace older computers, or acquire specialty machines with department funds.  IT Rollout does not provide any support for hardware purchased outside of Campus Rollout standards. Departments are advised to check with CSUF Titans Shops for advantageous pricing. A CSUF property tag is required. 


CSUF offers several free and discounted software applications for active students, faculty, and staff.  A comprehensive list of software titles for faculty/staff, student software offerings, please visit the Student Service Software website.

Network Equipment

CSUF campus network equipment must be reviewed, supported, and maintained by Information Technology. 

Below is a list of standard networking equipment:




Office Mini Switch

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise


Lab Computer Switch

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise


Server 10g Network Switch

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise


Wireless Access Point

Aruba HPE

AP225 / AP325

Server Uninterrupted Power System



Office Wireless Router

Not Recommended, please contact


Server Standards

CSUF offers several virtual server platforms. There is a cost associated with creating each virtual server and it's based on server project requirement.  Occasionally, IT offers recommendations on physical servers for specific projects.  The following is an example of a virtual base server:

  vCPU                   2

  vMemory           2

  Disk (storage)    40 GB

General Product Accessibility Guidelines

The Voluntary Product Accessiblity Template (VPAT) documents the product’s conformance with the Section 508 accessiblity standards.  Below is a list of sections that are reviewed if the features and functional characteristics of the product or service meet those standards.

In general, the ATI Subject Matter Expert (SME) reviews the application and determine:

  • If they fully support alternative keyboard navigation
  • If they make use of alt-text
  • If they work with assistive technology

For general questions, to report an issue with the electronic form, or to provide the team with feedback, please send an email to .