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It's Our University

It's Our University

Together We Can Do More

Your commitment to our students here at Cal State Fullerton is not one that takes weekends off. We know you think about how you can have an effect on the success of our students every day of the year. And the impact of CSUF grows stronger with you behind it.

The It's Our University campaign gives faculty, staff and emeriti the chance to make an even bigger difference. Join us today with a gift to your favorite department, program, college or to the Titan Fund.

The Top 10 Challenge   Give Online   Payroll Deduction

2022-23 Faculty, Staff and Emeriti Contributors

Goal: 945 Donors



1,057 donors as of March 28, 2023

All Faculty, Staff and Emeriti Are Eligible to Participate

Your contribution may be designated to any department, program, college or university priority of your choice. Click here to search for a specific fund. Tax-deductible gifts can be made via check, credit card, securities or payroll deduction (minimum $10/month).

Give Now

Download the It's Our University payroll deduction form, to initiate or change your monthly gift. You can also make a one-time gift online, or send a check payable to CSFPF (Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation) to:

It's Our University, 2600 Nutwood Ave, Suite 850, Fullerton, CA 92831


Support Cal State Fullerton - We Do!

Anh & Rick Nelson

“You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others.”
–Audrey Hepburn

Over the 25 years I have been at Cal State Fullerton, many have lent their hand to help us and our family… now it is our turn to help others by making a difference by donating to OUR University.

Anh Nelson | Health Services Analyst, Student Wellness & Health Services
Rick Nelson | Events & Facilities Use Program Administrator

Walt Baranger

There’s no better investment than educating those who will succeed us, and supporting Cal State Fullerton today will pay dividends for many decades to come. As a retired New York Times editor who started as a Cal State Fullerton graduate and is now a faculty member, I’ve seen many Titans rise to the highest tiers of their professions. The opportunity to give back is my way of saying thanks to those who generously gave before me.

Walt Baranger | Daily Titan Adviser

Kelly Ford

I love working at Cal State Fullerton. It is truly a special place. I can’t think of a better investment than our students. Go Titans!

Kelly Ford | Softball Coach

Carlos & Gwen Leija

As proud Cal State Fullerton graduates, we truly value the amazing education we have received and are so fortunate to be able to apply our knowledge every day as professionals here on campus. We invest in Cal State Fullerton and feel privileged to be able to see the future in the faces of the students. It doesn’t get any better than that. Titan Pride!

Carlos Leija | Associate Vice President, University Advancement
Gwen Leija | Business Manager, Athletics

Emily Miller Bonney

I give to CSUF to support the mission of the university and to express my gratitude for everything the institution has done for me. Quite frankly, as is the case for many of our students, I can't imagine my life without CSU Fullerton. With state support shrinking every dollar I give really matters, and I'm glad to do what I can.

Emily Miller Bonney | Dean, Pollak Library and Professor of Liberal Studies

Dale A. Merrill

“I give to Cal State Fullerton because it make me feel good knowing that my contribution is helping change a young person’s life. In some small way I know my gift has had a direct impact on a life by helping someone get a head without student load debit or by helping someone have a unique educational experiences they never would otherwise be able to experience. Cal State Fullerton and I share the same commitment to student success, which gives me great joy knowing my gift is making a difference!”

Dale A. Merrill | Former Dean, College of the Arts

Sarah A. Hill, Ph.D.

I love the work we do at Cal State Fullerton to make higher education accessible, especially for first generation and underrepresented students. We strive not only to provide excellence in the classroom but to support students outside of the classroom. I give to programs in the Division of Politics, Administration and Justice to provide students with resources to succeed. When we are able to host events for our students so they can learn from alumni and professionals in our community, I know we’re helping our students realize their potential and discover long-term success.

Sarah A. Hill, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Political Science

How to Give

Give Through Payroll Deduction

Initiate or change your monthly gift through payroll deduction.

Payroll Deduction Form

Make A One-Time Gift

Make a one-time gift online, via credit card.

Give Online

2021-22 Faculty, Staff and Emeriti Donor List

We thank the following supporters of the Cal State Fullerton It’s Our University campaign in fiscal year 2021-22. Together we are doing more!

Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of the donor list, and we would appreciate you alerting us to any errors or omissions. Please direct your inquiries or questions to Grace Johnson at 657-278-4795 or

View Honor Roll listings
Donor List

Noha Abdou

Irene Lange

Mary Aboud

Renee Larum

Joel Abraham

Susan Lasswell

Silas Abrego

William Laton

Claudia Acosta

Karen Lau

Guillermo Acuna

Judith Leder

Alyssa Adamson

Ellen Lee

Louise Adler

Haely Lee

Alfonso Agnew

Peter Lee

Victoria Agnew

Carlos Leija

Jessica Aguirre

Gwendolyn Leija

Sinan Akciz

Jeffery Leister

Bakri Al Mouradi

Deanna Leone

Kenneth Alan

Audree Lett

Gwendolyn Alexis

Marilyn Leuer

Nicole Algarin-Chavarria

Jeremy Lewis

Shannen Grace Allado

Kristin Li

Charel Allen

Zhuangjie Li

Santiago Almaguer-Delgado

Stefanie Light

Rachel Altman

Edison Lim

Anthony Alvarez

Karen Lindell

Rosa Amaro

Jinghui Liu

Debra Ambrosetti

John Liverpool

Michael Ames

Mitchell Livy

Brad Anderson

Marie Loggia-Kee

Annette Anderson-Ma

Nathan Longcrier

Jo-Anne Andre

Mandy Loo

Kathryn Angus

Teresa Loomis

Joseph Arnold

Dianna Lopez

Michael Anthony

Michael Lotito

Phillip Armstrong

Ashley Lowery

Joseph Arnold

Jessica Lu

Angelica Arredondo

Michelle Lucio

Michelle Arsneault

Peggy Luna

Margaret Atwell

Carol Lundberg

Catherine Atwong

Benedicta Lusk

Allan Axelrad

Laurena Mack

Herbert Axelrod

Mary Madracki

Megan Ayala

Steven Magallanes

Sasha Azoqa

Stacy Mallicoat

Matthew Badal

Andreus Mangahas

Yu Bai

Ghasem Manoochehri

Nicole Bailey

Michael Marcinkevicz

Justine Baldacci

Michelle Markham

Jennifer Baldaray

Courtney Marsac

Patricia Balderas

Lisa Marsh

Kimberly Ball

Daniel Martin

Erinn Banks

Larry Martin

Walter Baranger

Julie Martinez

Samuel Barber

Miguel Martinez

John Barbuto

Alison Marzocchi

Carol Barnes

Dianne Matias

Crystal Barnett

Donald Matthewson

Barry Barnhill

Joanna Matuszewski

Marques Barosso

S. Irene Matz

Dustin Barr

Maria Matza

Michele Barr

Julie Max

Kathryn Bartle-Angus

Kenneth Maxey

Susan Barua

Christine Mayfield

Suzanne Batista

Christine McCarthy

Alyssa Beach

Rachel McClanahan

William Beam

Jovita McCoy

Meaghan Beaudoin

Phenicia McCullough

Mary Becerra

Marta McDaniel

Meri Beckham

Colleen McDonough

Sam Behseta

Donald McDougall

Doina Bein

Archana McEligot

John Beisner

Katie McGill

Karen Bell

Jerica McHenry

Robert Belloli

Karen McKinley

Donna Bennett

Donald McLaren

Michelle Berelowitz

Pamela McLaren

Jill Berg

Vicky McLeod

Jay Berman

Margaret McMillan

Philip Berriman

Kelly McVey

Husaina Bhaijeewala

Harvey Mckee

Radha Bhattacharya

Robert Mead

Mark Bilby

Jasmine Meertins

Ashley Bishop

Olga Mejia

Heather Blair

Valbone Memeti

Dianna Blake

Michael Mend

Rebecca Bodan

Marcella Mendez

Danielle Bomgaars

Shari Merrill

Emily Bonney

Kathryn Metcalf

Katherine Bono

Christopher Meyer

Martin Bonsangue

William Meyer

Nicole Bonuso

Felipe Meza

Harriet Bouldin

Rebecca Meza

Ioakim Boutakidis

Hans Mickelson

Erica Bowers

Dave Mickey

Jillian Boyd

Mari Migliore

Keith Boyum

Nicholas Milan

Renae Bredin

Barbara Miller

Catherine Brennan

Jessica Miller

Leah Brew

Lisa Miller

William Briggs

Marilyn Miller

Arielle Brown

Paul Miller

Courtney Brown

Lisa Mix

Gregory Brown

Alison Miyamoto

Pele Brown

Niroshika Monerawila Keppetipola

Leslie Bruce

Marc Montaser

Freddi-Jo Bruschke

Randy Montes

Jon Bruschke

Jenifer Montgomery

Michelle Brye

Susan Morales

Kathy Brzovic

Sean Moran

April Bullock

Alejandra Morante

Kyle Burnett

Lisa Mori

Marcela Burrell

April Morris

Karen Bushman

Norma Morris

Julie Bussell

Farrokh Moshiri

Patricia Butcher

Michele Mouttapa

Bert Buzan

Tonnie Newton

Gina Byun

Christine Muriel

Rebecca Calvillo

Steven Murray

Doreen Camacho

Pradeep Nair

Rosalina Camacho

Estelle Naito

Patricia Campbell

Futoshi Nakagawa

Eric Canin

Austin Nation

Nichole Cannon

Anh Nelson

Gordon Capp

Richard Nelson

W. Garrett Capune

Lauren Nethery Savord

Joseph Carlin

Leonard Newman

Steve Carranza

Tonnie Newton

Catherine Carreiro

Chean Ngo

John Carroll

Kevan Nguyen

Christina Carroll-Pavia

Nga Nguyen

Kellee Carter-Scales

Tam Nguyen

JoAnn Carter-Wells

Thao Nguyen

Maria Casanova Rivas

Truyen Nguyen

Beatrice Casas

Pamella Oliver

James Case

Maria Nielson

Kimberly Case

Debra Noble

Merri Casem

Eliza Noh

Elizabeth Castello

Angela North

Martin Castro

Brian Norton

Robert Castro

Amy Novak

Chia-Hsin Cheng

Rachel Null

Antonia Castro Graham

Valerie O'Regan

Claire Cavallaro

Pamella Oliver

Joseph Cervantes

Jason Ono

Susan Cervantes

Joyce Ono

Anthony Chadwick

Michael Onorato

Joanne Chapman

Susan Orbom

Shana Charles

Rosario Ordonez-Jasis

Andy Chau

Valerie Orleans

Minerva Chavez

Tonantzin Oseguera

Beverly Chawla

Jacqueline Otis

Anh Chen

Joelle Otteson

David Cheng

Cathie Overstreet

David Chenot

Donna Padgett

Veronica Chiang

Antonio Padilla

Christina Chin

Karen Padin

Jill Chiotti

David Pagni

Song-James Choi

Dorothy Pan Wong

Yoonsuk Choi

Anand Panangadan

Caitlin Christianson

Denelle Pankratz

Suzanne Cichuniec

Jason Pano

Joseph Cipriano

Meghan Paradiso-Alva

Thomas Clanin

Marilyn Parras

Ronald Clapper

Gina Passante

Randall Clark

Terri Patchen

Pia Claudio

Nilay Patel

Laura Cleary

Chelsey Patterson

Diane Clemens-Knott

Shauna Pearce

Leah Cleveland

Stevan Pecic

Daniel Coats

Tatiana Pedroza

Amybeth Cohen

Carlos Pelayo

William Cole

Lisa Penunuri

Ron Coley

Rachel Penunuri

Kathryn Congalton

Michael Peralta

Amanda Connell

Michael Perez

Rebecca Conran-Dunham

Karla Perisho

Cameron Cook

Ana Perry

Joya Cooley

Eleanor Perry-Tomlin

Gerald Corey

Dawn Person

Cotton Coslett

Andrew Petit

Debra Cote

Cynthia Petitt

Michael Coughlin

Kevin Phillips

Jaycee Cover

Andy Pho

Paul Cozby

Penchan Phoborisut

Donald Crane

Jennifer Piazza

Cheryl Crippen

Melinda Pierson

Kerri Crooks

Edward Pineda

Joyce Cross

Wayne Pinnell

Taylor Cruz

Paola Plascencia

Math Cuajungco

Richard Pollard

Darryl Curran

William Pollock

Ding-Jo Currie

Gregory Pongetti

Daniel Curtis

Jaime Potter

Amir Dabirian

Irena Praitis

Lana Dalley

Ashley Preston

Marsha Daughetee

Adolfo Prieto

Amanda Davidson

Maureen Provenzano

Anthony Davis

Patricia Prunty

Connor Davison

Rick Pullen

Abigail Dawson

Anil Puri

Edward De La Torre

Dipankar Purkayastha

Loida De Leon

Maijian Qian

Paul DeLand

Beverly Quaye

Dana Deere

Kristine Quinn

Marisela Delgadillo

Sandra Quintero

Michael Delo

Donna Rader

Richard Deming

Morteza Rahmatian

Justin Dennis

Carter Rakovski

Stephen DiTolla

Judith Ramirez

Mohamad Omar Diab

Michelle Ramos

William Dickerson

Jani Ranasinghe

Marc Dickey

Lynda Randall

Amy Dickinson

Madeline Rasche

Jason Dietrich

Waleed Rashidi

Nicholas Dimarco

Anne Rimmer

Ronito Discaya

Carolyn Rath

Elaine Dixon

Mary Read

Rebecca Dolhinow

Trish Reed

Isabel Donaldson

Sorel Reisman

James Donovan

Julio Reyes

Loretta Donovan

Stephanie Reyes

Tenzin Dorjee

Miguel Reyna

Meriem Doucette

Bill Reynolds

Susan Dragoo

Jacquelyn Reynolds

David Drath

William Reynolds

Patricia Drew

Michael Rezac

Julia Drouin

Sandra Rhoten

Bridget Druken

Heather Richards

Cindy Duong

Holly Richards

Amy Essington

Douglas Ridley

Greg Dyment

Laura Riegler

Elizabeth Eastin

Lorraine Rigoli

Miriam Edwards

Roberta Rikli

John Elders

Ashley Riley

Alonzo Eldridge

Anne Rimmer

Margaret Elliot

Tony Rimmer

Wendy Elliott

Karen Ringl

Victoria Elmquist

Leticia Rivera

Erick Engelby

Summer Rivera

Matt Englar-Carlson

Sara Lee Rose Rivera Cruz

Rosemarie Enriquez

Laurie Roades

Guadalupe Espinoza

Amani Roberts

Kenneth Faller II

Antoinette Roberts

Lara Farhadi

Sue Robertson

Ermira Farka

Irene Robinson

Thomas Farmer

Robert Robinson

Mark Filowitz

Nina Robson

Paul Farnham

Lauren Rodden

Nicholas Farnum

Adrian Rodriguez

Firdous Farooqui

Aida Rodriguez

Marsha Farwick

Jill Rodriguez

Peter Fashing

Grant Rohr

Farimah Fazeli

Ann Roll

Mitchell Fennell

Debra Rose

Michelle Fernandes

Martha Carolina Rosells

Brooke Fessler Owens

Jill Rosenbaum

Pamela Fiber-Ostrow

Marvin Rosenberg

Mia Fields

Milly Rosmino

Tanis Fields

Hart Roussel

Mark Filowitz

Jessica Rowland

Sara Fingal

Charles Royston

Edward Fink

Elva Rubalcava

Danielle Flores

Joan Rubio

Maria Flores

James Ruby

Sean Foe

Pimbucha Rusmevichientong

Sheryl Fontaine

Elaine Rutkowski

Kelly Ford

Gary Ruud

Linda Ford

James Rygg

Torrell Foree

Tabashir Sadegh Nobari

Chalea Forgues

Golnaz Sadri

David Forgues

Terry Saenz

Anna Fortuna

Robert Sage

Natalie Fousekis

Rosario Sakamoto

Stacy Fox

Gregory Saks

Todd Frandsen

Alan Saltzstein

Mel Franks

Nicholas Salzameda

Jennifer Frauenzimmer

Kirk San Roman

Kathleen Frazee

Ivan Sanchez

James Friel

Ulises Sanchez-Flores

David Fromson

Rollin Sandberg

Allyson Fry-Petit

David Sandner

Denise Frye

Anthony Santos

Eugene Fujimoto

Lillybeth Sasis

Kimo Furumoto

Kathleen Savant

Susan Gaitan

Hans Schenk

Tammy Galaviz

Kathy Schnabel

Juan Gallego

Lacy Schoen

Tara Gallivan-Garcia

Robert Scialdone

Andy Garate

Karyn Scissum Gunn

Erika Garcia

Arlene Scoles

Joe Garcia

Mallika Scott

Nina Garcia

Christopher Searight

Danielle García

Abigail Segura

Susan Garofalo

Christian Seiter

Kayleen Garvey

Eriko Self

Emilia Gaskell

Paula Selleck

Joanne Gass

Howard Seller

Robert Gass

Diana Serna Sanchez

Phillip Gedalanga

HyeKyeung Seung

Justin Gerboc

Mia Sevier

Barry Gershenovitz

Patty Sexton

Phillip Gianos

Hunter Seyforth

Leon Gilbert

Bey-Ling Sha

Jeffrey Gilstrap

Eraj Shadaram

Porshe Gipson

Tracy Shadowens

Lauren Goins

Priyanjali Shah

Anna Gomez

Choudhury Shamim

Jianxin Gong

Mark Shapiro

Andrew Gonzales

Mohsen Sharifi

Terry Goodman

Jaime Sheehan

Mark Goodrich

Macy Shen

Michelle Gottlieb

Tseng-Ching Shen

Mario Gottuso

David Shepard

Robin Graboyes

Jason Shepard

Natalie Graham

Marisa Sherb

Neil Granitz

Sydney Shipley

Madison Grater

Dennis Siebenaler

Laleh Graylee

Lauren Sieven

Cynthia Greenberg

Marilyn Slagle

C. Scott Greene

Rebekah Smart

Christa Greenfader

Christina Smith

Charles Greenwood

Janet Smith

Kathleen Griffith

Johnathan Smith

Anne Grogan

Pamela Smith

Diana Guerin

William Smith

Kate Guerrero

Doremus Snuggs

Timothy Guesman

Romney Snyder

Aimee Guichard

Brittney Sok

Lisa Guillory

Eric Solberg

Prem Gupta

Ernie Solheid

Robin Gurien

Joseph Song

Andrea Gutierrez Aguilera

Daniel Soper

Kenneth Hagihara

Kathleen Soto

Raelynne Hale

Gabriela Soto De Acosta

Georgia Halkia

John Spiak

Brendan Hallinan

David Spight

Susan Hallman

Scott Spitzer

Wenlin Han

Stephen Stambough

Eric Hanauer

Kristin Stang

Deborah Hancock

Denise Stanley

Arthur Hansen

Bradley Starr

Jeff Harada

Michael Steele

Jennifer Hardison

Ann Steichen

Diane Harrison

Michael Steiner

David Hart

Carrie Stewart

Edward Hart

Beth Stiel

Lolita Hartono

Dallas Stout

Dorothy Heide

Debbie Stout

LaTanya Henderson

Paul Stover

Theresa Henderson

Justin Stuart

Nick Henning

Sridhar Sundaram

Aja Henriquez

Tara Suwinyattichaiporn

Pachi Her

Brewster Swanlund

Alisa Hernandez

Richard Swanson

Brenda Hernandez

Christopher Swarat

Julianna Hernandez

Su Swarat

Arthur Hewitt

Berhanu Tadesse

John Hickok

Asma Taha

Colin Hicks

Barbara Talento

Rommel Hidalgo

Takahito Tanaka

Gene Hiegel

Fu-Ming Tao

Tresa Hightower

Michelle Tapper

Sarah Hill

James Taulli

Lloyd Hines

Dedrique Taylor

Homan Hirad

Linda Taylor

Kalani Hobayan

Jutara Teal

William Hoese

Alexander Tebbe

Mikel Hogan

Atul Teckchandani

Arnold Holland

Heather Terry

Erin Hollis

Carolyn Thomas

F. Owen Holmes

Erika Thomas

Laura Hooks

Kathleen Thomas

Michael Horn

Leilani Thomas

Melanie Horn-Mallers

Sunil Thomas

Kathryn Hosch

Jie Tian

Elizabeth Housewright

Cynthia Togami

Andrew Howat

Marcelo Tolmasky

John Hrbacek

Pawan Tomkoria

Shelly Hsu

Berna Torr

Benjamin Hubbard

Nicholas Torres

Paula Hudson

Lan Tran

Samantha Huerta

Jeanne Tran-Martin

Steve Huston

Tina Tranilla

Charlie Huynh

Fredia Travis

Huyen Huynh

Ellen Treanor

Janette Hyder

Candace Trevino

Terry Hynes

Edgar Trotter

Jane Iacovetti

Kavin Tsang

Mike Ibanez

Yuying Tsong

Craig Ihara

Michael Turi

Cheryl Inbody-Brandenburger

Marjorie Tussing

Jennifer Ip

Sharnette Underdue

Virginia Isava

Donna Upadhyay

Chanda Ishisaka

Susan Uyemura

Robert Istad

John Vaca

Ali Izadian

Christine Valenciana

John Jackson

Alan Van Fleet

Timothy Jackson

Stephanie Vaughn

Sagil James

Raymundo Venegas

Diana Janzen

Jennifer Vicuna

Matthew Jarvis

Vincent Vigil

Pablo Jasis

Sachel Villafane-Garcia

Kerry Jennings

Ayron Villapudua

Jade Jewett

Jesus Villarreal

Nancy Jimeno

Framroze Virjee

Deborah Johnson

Gayle Vogt-Schilling

Grace Johnson

Bruce Vu

Marie Johnson

Jennifer Vu

Shannah Johnson

Alicia Wagner

Russell Johnston

Matthew Waid

Jeffrey Jolley

Todd Waite

Caroline Jones

Stephen Walk

Chandra Jones

Sean Walker

Regan Jones

Alma Walsh

Vita Jones

Eileen Walsh

Pamela Jones-Tintle

Shawn Wang

Lupe Juarez

Catherine Ward

Satoko Kakihara

Larry Ward

Gavin Kane

Paul Wasserman

Akshara Kannan

Kimberly Waters

Gretchen Kanne

Robert Watson

Michael Karg

Stacey Webster

Afshin Karimi

Lisa Weisman-Davlantes

Stephen Karl

Penny Weismuller

Tricia Kasamatsu

Daniel Weiss

Sanam Kazemi

Hope Weiss

Jerry Keating

J. Chris Westgate

Kimberly Kee

Brooke Wheeler

Rebecca Keeton

Charles White

Andrea Kelligrew

Derek White

Allyson Kelly

Gregory Whitmore

RonDee Kelly

Lawrence Wilk

Sarah Kelman

Matthew Wilken

Majid Kermani

Colleen Wilkins-Fey

Robert Kersey

Ellie Williams

Chi-Chung Keung

Adriane Wilson

Fatima Khan

Amber Wilson

Theodros Kidane

Kellan Wilson

Brian Killeen

Shannon Wilson

Christina Kim

Stephanie Wilson

Danny Kim

Stephanie Wilt

Mikyong Kim-Goh

Susan Winston

Siobhan King

Kathleen Wohlgemuth

Matthew Kirby

Sherri Wolff

Christiana Kirk

Shelley Wong

Charles Kissel

Michele Wood

Kurt Kitselman

Nelson Woodard

April Kiyabu

Adam Woods

Thomas Klammer

DeAndrae Woods

Kristin Kleinjans

Rochelle Woods

Jeffrey Knott

James Woodward

Robert Koch

Toya Wyatt

John Koegel

Shelli Wynants

John Koegel

Jennifer Yee

Chiranjeev Kohli

Emeline Yong

Dixie Koo

Hallie Yopp Slowik

Robert Kovacev

Ruth Yopp-Edwards

Benikia Kressler

Ray Young

Leo Kreter

Larissa Yu

Marianne Kreter

Roseanne Yu Jerue

Yitsen Ku

Eileen Yuhico

Verajaviela Kuan-Roberts

Danielle Zacherl

Michelle Kurland

Marina Zarate

MyungJung Kwon

Elizabeth Zavala

Michael LaCour-Little

Sasha Zeedyk

Donald Lagerberg

Dawit Zerom

Le Lam

Fang Zhang

Ellen Lamberth

Jenny Zhang

Scott Landow

Nicholas Zintgraff

Cassidy Lane

Emil Zordilla

Nick Lane

Alina Zuniga

Irene Lange

Lawrence de Graaf

Renee Larum

Peter de Lijser

Susan Lasswell


Faculty, Staff and Emeriti – We Have a Challenge!

We’re excited to announce that SchoolsFirst has contributed $10,000 to kick off the It’s Our University giving campaign! This donation will be distributed among the ten philanthropic funds that have the most faculty, staff and emeriti donors during the month of October. If you don’t already have a favorite fund to support, start your search here! Your gift may be the one that brings an extra $1,000 to your chosen area! For your gift to be eligible for the challenge, check out the rules below:

The Top 10 Challenge

This challenge will give $1,000 each to the top 10 funds at Cal State Fullerton that receive the most donors in the month of October. There are three ways your gift will be eligible for the challenge:

Donor Recognition

All faculty, staff and emeriti donors who make a gift of any size by the end of October will be listed in a full-page thank you ad in the Daily Titan. We want the entire campus community to know how generous the Titan Family is! Additionally, all donors will be featured on our It’s Our University Faculty, Staff and Emeriti Donor List.

Fund Spotlight Contest

Promote your favorite fund! If your entry is selected, your suggested fund will be highlighted in an It’s Our University email and you’ll receive some cool Titan gear! Send the following information to

  • Fund Name and Number
  • Why we should support this fund