The LGBT Queer Resource Center (LGBTQRC) is a communitys pace for LGBTQ students and allies. Through the efforts of our campus community over the past few years, the center was originally under Associated Students Inc. which was formerly known as the ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center in 2012. In 2015, Housing and Residence Life developed and implemented the Rainbow House, which serves as a themed living/learning community for LGBTQ and allies. In March of 2016, the collaborative works with students and ASI, the resolution to support LGBTQ student life passed. In July of 2016, the LGBTQRC transferred from ASI to Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers. This guaranteed the center to be an institutionalized and permanent space on campus. When the LGBTQRC used to be in a singular office space of the Titan Student Union, now the LGBTQRC is located in the Pollak Library South. The center offers a space to connect, access resources, gain support with coming out, and educational opportunities to further explore identities and issues that currently impact the LGBTQ community. 

meet the staff

Professional headshot of Nat Betancourt


Nat Betancourt Arellano (They/Them, Mx.)

Coordinator, LGBT Queer Resource Center

Nat Betancourt Arellano has served as the coordinator for the LGBT Queer Resource Center since June 2019. They earned their Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in History at California State University, Fullerton and their Master of Science in College Counseling and Student Development from Azusa Pacific University. As an alumni of CSUF, Nat enjoys being able to give back to the community that helped them to grow. They have worked in First-Year Experience, Career Services, Leadership Development, Residence Life, and now Diversity & Equity. Nat previously served as a member for the NASPA Region VI Advisory Board and in 2021 was recognized as the Staff of the Year for the Division of Student Affairs at Cal State Fullerton. As someone that identifies as bisexual and non-binary, they hope that their narrative and experiences can positively impact others and be of support to students navigating their queer identities. Aside from their passion in supporting students, Nat grew up in Southern California, enjoys rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and is a film nerd at heart. 


 Professional headshot of Student Assistant Shahayla


Shahayla (she/they/he)

Communications and Graphic Design Lead, LGBT Queer Resource Center

Shahayla is a second year Arts major aiming too graduate with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Sociology. They identify as a Latinx, genderqueer bisexual. Shahayla enjoy all forms of art, including music, poetry, and- most importantly- ANIME! They spent their first year at CSUF frequenting the LGBTQRC in search for a place to make new friends. Instead, she found a second home. Now they work here and hope that anyone who chooses to visit the center can find comfort as they have too. Feel free to say hi if you see Shahayla!

Professional headshot of Student Assistant Monica


Monica (she/her/hers)

Programming Activity Lead, LGBT Queer Resource Center

Monica is a second year latinx queer student currently studying as an undergraduate Psychology major. She is hoping to go into the field of clinical psychology where she can help communities, especially communities of color to get the help they want and need! Monica started in the center as a frequent visitor of the space and is now heavily involved. Her interests are exploring new spaces, meeting new people, and building relationships with many! Fun fact: Monica has a pug named Sandia which means watermelon in Spanish and Monica also had a 156 day streak on Duolingo!


Professional headshot of Student Assistant Luis


Luis (he/him/his)

Programming Activity Lead, LGBT Queer Resource Center

Luis is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Political Science. He is looking to further his education in Political Science within the Law and Government field. He identifies as Queer and Xicano. Luis started his first year at CSUF frequenting the LGBTQ Resource Center and getting involved within the community. Luis enjoys playing video games, listening to music and drinking Thai tea and coffee. Some of his favorite games are Pokémon, Smash Ultimate, and Kingdom Hearts. If you were wondering, he is a Samus Main and his favorite Pokémon is Budew.