Lavender Recognition Celebration


Class of 2020

The annual Lavender Celebration is a time to honor our graduating LGBTQ Titans and allies, recognize LGBTQ students, and have an end-of-the-year celebration for the community!  Every year the LGBT Queer Resource Center at CSUF hosts the Lavender Recognition Celebration.  This event is an opportunity for family and friends to celebrate the accomplishments of our LGBTQIA+ graduates and allies. Students who attend and participate in the ceremony will be individually recognized and receive a lavender cord.   All graduating students are invited to participate!  $10 registration fee for graduating students provides a lavender cord and certificate. Please note that there are no refunds.

This years Lavender Recognition Celebration is Postponed Until Further Notice

If you have any questions, please contact us at or (657) 278-4218

Student Speaker for Lavender Celebration

The student speaker role is a great opportunity for a graduating student to share their academic journey and identity development throughout their time at CSUF.  This year's theme for the celebration is GLOW: Greatness Lights Our Way.

Student Speaker Application

This form will close on Sunday, March 29 and we will not accept submissions after that date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the LGBT Queer Resource Center's graduate student assistant at

What is Lavender Recognition?

  • An event you would invite your family, close friends, and those most important to you
  • An event you would invite a mentor, favorite professor, and someone who has impacted your acadmic journey to attend
  • An opportunity to honor graduating undergraduate and graduate students, volunteers and academics
  • An opportunity to get dressed up and show up as YOU!  Academic reglia other than academic sashes will not be worn.
  • An event that over 150 folks usually attend, sometimes more
  • The last formal program of the year from the LGBTQ Resource Center
  • An event where graduating folks get a Lavender Cord; yay!!
  • A night of fun! The ceremony includes music, positive vibes, a photo booth, and light refreshments!


The PRISM Award honors a graduating student within the LGBTQ community with the following qualities. PRISM is an acronym consisting of Passionate, Resilient, Insightful, Social justice oriented, and Makes a difference.  Please nominate a graduating student attending the Lavender Celebration whom you feel exhibits these qualities. This application will close on Sunday, March 29, so please make sure you complete your nominations before then. The Lavender Celebration Committee will deliberate and choose a recipient who will be honored at the celebration. The more information you provide to us, the easier it will be for us to make a decision!

PRISM Award Nomination Form

historical Context of Lavender

Lavender has had long histories with the LGBT community. Let us take a moment to revisit history, symbolism, and the reasons why we celebrate pride starting with the color of lavender. Lavender has no definitive origin or meaning, but the most common belief is that purple represents the mixing of gender normative colors such as pink and blue. Pink representing the mixing of cis-gender femininity and blue representing cis-gender masculinity. Combining the two gender assigned colors both blurs the lines between masculine and feminine which challenges society gender norms. It was in the 1950s that lavender became firmly associated with the LGBTQ community. Lavender has close ties to LGBTQ liberation movements. While any community's history embraces colors to represent their cause, the LGBTQ community utilizes lavender to illustrate ideals and principles.