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The mission of the LGBT Queer Resource Center at Cal State Fullerton is to create an inclusive and affirming space and community for students, staff, faculty, and the broader community to explore issues related to sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity through an intersectional lens.

LGBTQ Timeline

How did we become the center we are today? Through the efforts of our campus community over the past 6 years!

Year Event
2011 The Queer Studies Minor is instituted at Cal State Fullerton
2012 The LGBT Queer Resource Center (formerly the ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center) holds its grand opening on October 11th due to the efforts of the ASI President, ASI Vice-President, ASI Board of Directors, and members of the student organziation Queer Straight Alliance.
2015 Housing and Residence Life develops and implements the Rainbow House, a themed living learning community for LGBTQ and Ally students.
2016 In March of 2016, by the collaborative work with students and ASI, the Resolution in Support of LGBTQ Student Life is passed.
2016 In July of 2016, the LGBT Queer Resource Center transferred from ASI to the university under the Department of Diversity Initiatives & Resource Centers.  This guarenteed the center to be an institutionalized and permanent space on campus.
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