We offer Bachelor's degrees in mathematics including actuarial science,  applied mathematics, pure mathematics, statistics, and teaching. We offer a Master degree in mathematics with a focus on teaching and two Master of Science degrees, one in statistics and one in applied mathematics. 



The Department of Mathematics offers a standard undergraduate major program in mathematics with concentrations in:

  1. pure mathematics
  2. applied mathematics
  3. statistics
  4. teaching mathematics
  5. actuarial science

For more information on courses, learning goals, and requirements see our Bachelor of Arts Degree page.



The Department of Mathematics at CSU Fullerton offers a Master of Arts degree with options in Teaching Mathematics. We offer a Master of Science in applied mathematics and a new online Master of Science degree in Statistics.

Follow the links below to learn more about these programs.

  1. M.S. in Statistics
  2. M.S. in Applied Mathematics
  3. M.A. in Teaching Mathematics