Website Standards & Guidelines

Campus websites are comparable to an on-campus visitation and should be built to serve as a primary source for our constituents to find useful information, manage their work and academic life, and stay connected with the University.  It is important that we ensure the integrity and quality of our overall web presence to further support the valuable services and learning experience we provide for our various communities.

Here you will find a comprehensive web standards to facilitate visual and navigational consistency across the campus web presence. Standards established in this website were made by evaluating criteria such as look-and-feel, accessibility requirements, search engine optimization, content integration, and the University's Identity StandardsOpens in new window .

On Campus users are provided with a content management tool which they can use the class names on content blocks to create the look and feel described in the standards.   Vendors are strongly encouraged to use our web style sheets and implement our standards based on those styles.  We strive for an easy implementation which relies more on CSS for formatting and adheres to well formed HTML code.

Information Technology writes the style sheets to the best of ATI compliancy which may result in periodic updates, please check back often to ensure you are still using Campus standards.  Every site used by the CSU Fullerton community needs to adhere to a standard experience and be accessible for all of our users.  Refer to the Campus ATIOpens in new window website for more details on ensuring you are running a compliant site.