Why Do we Have A Campus Standard?

Visiting a campus website should be comparable to being on-campus.  Sites are a primary source of useful information and help users stay connected with the University.  It is important that the integrity and quality of our overall web presence support our valuable services and learning experiences.

We have a comprehensive set of standards to facilitate visual and navigational consistency across the Campus' web presence. These include  look-and-feel, accessibility requirements, search engine optimization, content integration, and the University's brand standards and stylesOpens in new window .  Everyone visiting a CSUF website should find consistent branding and feel secure  they are having an authentic CSUF experience. 

Please check back often to ensure you are still using Campus standards as they change over time.  Every site used by the CSUF community needs to adhere to an overall unified experience and be accessible for all of our users.  Refer to the Campus ATIOpens in new window website for more details on ensuring you are building an accessible website.