Page Banners

For those sites who would like to add a touch of personalization we have created page banners that you can use on any or all pages.  While these are not mandatory they are an easy way to bring your content some extra context by including imagary which supports your site.

Page banners should be use to help decorate your pages and should NEVER be used to convey instructions or important information that the user can't get from your normal page content.  Page banners are also not linkable so you will not be able to use them to launch new sections of your website.

 Page banners should be placed at the top of the page between the main content and the site tabs.  Images go 100% across the page and will scale correctly with page size.  If you place a tall image at the top it will have a direct impact on how far down the content is displaced from the site tabs.  Since images scale you are best using landscape (more wide than tall) images on your site.

Sites running OmniUpdate can change the images through their site setup folder.  Site administrators can update new images to replace the default set that comes standard with the Campus templates.

Changing Banner Images

You can change out the images that are used for the site banners but editing the setup file in your main site setup folder.  The banners are just images which can be pulled from your uploaded images or you can use a web url.  Please be aware that if you are using an image from a website that you do not control those images are subject to change without notice.  You can use up to 12 images in your current configuration.  These images are pulled into the pages automatically so there is no need to republish pages that are currently using them.  
Images must be ATI compliant (decorative and not instructional), contain acceptable content, and be appropriate for all audiences.  

Going Beyond 12 Images

If you want to have more than 12 images then we suggest that you try adding the image directly to the page using one of our layouts that can either use a background stock photo or can be stretched across the page.  Check out the styles for details on how to add classes which will help make sure your images stretch across the page correctly.