Slideshows are something that you may use on your web pages to great effect.  For OmniUpdate users the Campus templates have a built in tool to help you craft your slideshows.  

If you want to put in a slideshow element on your pages you need to have a mechanism that allows the end user to stop/pause the slideshow and navigate through your slides manually.  Any text that moves also needs to be stopped by the end user.  Slides are not required to link but if you plan on putting instructional text on a slide you need to make sure those instructures are clearly written in plain text on your page.

Below you'll see some of the slideshow styles that have been created for you.  Slideshow styles are added per page so you can reuse any slideshow on one page or many pages all with unique styles.


Slideshow Setup

This guideOpens in new window explains the process of setting up a slideshow using the Campus templates for on-campus websites. 


Default slideshow

Transition: Default

Color: Default

CSS Style:
slide_default slidecolor_default slidelayout_default slidearrow_default slideheight_default slidetime_default


Image Previews

Transition: Down

Color: Medium Blue

CSS Style:
slide_default slidecolor_medblue slidelayout_squares slidearrow_default slideheight_default slidetime_default


Compact DEsign

Transition: Horizontal Flip

Color: Orange

CSS Style: slide_fliph slidecolor_orange slidelayout_compact


stacked deck

Transition: Fade

Color: Black

CSS Style: slide_fade slidecolor_black slidelayout_deck


Dotted line

Transition: Left

Color: University Blue

CSS Style: slide_left slidecolor_univblue slidelayout_dots



Transition: Down

Color: Beige

CSS Style: slide_down slidecolor_beige slidelayout_left