Using video on your pages

If you want to embed a video, or link out to one, the number one rule is closed captions!  All video elements are required to have accurate closed captions in order to meet web accessiblity standards.  At this time we recommend you use YouTube for videos on your sites.  They have a process which will help you create automatic close caption files for your videos.  Remember that this process is not 100% accurate and will require that you review and edit any issues with words that it could not correctly interpreted.  It is still site owners responsibility for accurate closed captions.

HTML 5 also has direct support for video content with closed captions as long as you're formatting your video files to be handled correctly.  The Campus' templates are still developing an easy to use template for working with video and generating closed caption files.  If you want to embed video or link to video somewhere make sure that it has close captioning for users who need it.  

If you have questions about using closed captions feel free to ask the Web Admin team for help.