Welcome to the Titan Major Exploration Program!

As an undeclared student, you will find your home base within the Academic Advising Center!

As a Titan Major Explorer, you will find the time until you declare your major (you must declare by 60 units) to be one full of adjustment, questioning and newfound learning.

The Titan Major Exploration Program is designed to help influence and inform you about major/minor degree options available at CSUF for both academic interest and career paths. You will find between program workshops and advising, that you have a full team of support as you explore different areas to major in.

Remember that being undeclared has some great benefits so please don’t feel frustrated if you can’t decide by your first or second semester! Take your time to get adjusted to CSUF and also to really explore our general education course plans in hopes of opening your eyes to all our amazing academic programs!


Q&A About Being Undeclared/Major Exploration

  1. Can I graduate in four years by starting off as an Undeclared student?

         Yes! Depending on the type of major you declare, it is very possible to finish within four years. It is not uncommon that we have Undeclared students finish in four years. Although, some academic programs are high unit degrees with pre-requisites so this might take extra time.

  2. Is there a deadline to declare a major as an Undeclared student?

       Yes, you must declare your major by the time you reach 60 units.

  3. What if I have no idea what to major in?

        Don’t worry! College students change their major all the time because your interests will change as you grow at CSUF! Major Exploration advising is offered with our Major Exploration Coordinator, Victoria Barrera Hamdi. Click here  to learn about how to schedule an appointment.

   4. As an Undeclared student, where do I go for advising?

        Great question! Your home department as an Undeclared student is with the Academic Advising Center (AAC) in GH-123B. We have a team of advisors to assist you!

   5. What’s the fastest/easiest major?

        Every academic program at CSUF is rigorous so there isn’t an easy major. As for time to complete your degree, it varies by person to person. For many majors, you need to complete 120 units and finish all GE/major requirements in order to graduate. Yet, some majors require more units—always seek major advising to be sure you have an academic plan to take all required courses. In addition, visit the AAC to ensure you are on track with your GE requirements.

  6. I know what I want to major in! How do I declare my major?

       Great! You will want to visit your new department directly and they will assist you with changing your major. If you need the form, you can find it here. Also! Be sure to obtain major advising from your new department for the upcoming semester.