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Academic Advising at Cal State Fullerton

Advising at Cal State Fullerton is an ongoing, collaborative partnership between students and advisors that allows students to flourish inside and outside of the classroom. CSUF advisors serve as guides as students map out their academic journeys toward graduation and beyond.

Undeclared and Academic Advising Center

If you are a student who has not declared a major and need assistance with academic advising, meet with an advisor in the Undeclared and Academic Advising Center. Also find guides and resources on the UAAC website.


Academic Advising at CSUF

If you are a student who has declared a major, find your advisor on the Academic Advising at CSUF website. You can also learn more about academic advising, information on Academic Notice and Academic Disqualification, and find other tools and resources that can assist you on your academic journey. 


Health Professions Advising

The HPAO has helped hundreds of students gain admission to health professions schools, including some of the nation’s most prestigious such as Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as all of the UC campuses.