Online Quality Assurance

CSUF has received four consecutive funding awards for the CSU’s Quality Assurance Program for Online CoursesOpens in new window since 2013-2014.  This program is designed to support individual campuses’ online course quality assurance efforts by providing resources, professional development, and support to faculty and staff who design, teach, and assess online courses.  Specifically, CSUF utilizes Quality Matters™Opens in new window , a faculty-centered, peer-review process, as the central framework to explore the quality of online courses and online components.  More information regarding Quality Matters can be found at the CSU-Quality Matters websiteOpens in new window .  The most recent update about the program is summarized in an e-portfolio: 2018-2019 Fullerton Quality Assurance ePortfolioOpens in new window

Faculty Community of Online Course Quality Assurance

Since 2013-2014, more than 197 faculty and staff at CSUF have developed expertise in online teaching, learning, and quality assurance through this program.  Under the leadership of faculty members Marsha Orr (HHD), and Sinjini Mitra (MCBE), and in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning and the Department of Online Education and TrainingOpens in new window , these faculty and staff have come together as a community to support each other’s online teaching endeavors, explore and address challenges to online education, and facilitate the growth of online teaching and learning on campus.   

The Quality Matters (QM)-related accomplishments of our faculty and staff include online courses certified by QM as an exemplary course of qualityOpens in new window  (see table below) and conducting research on the impact of QM at CSUF.   PDF File Opens in new window

Name College QM Course Certification
Marsha Orr* HHD The Art and Science of Nursing (Nursing 470A - Not currently offered)
Maryanne Garon HHD Theoretical Basis of Leadership and Organization in Nursing (Nursing 511)
Suzanne Robertson HHD Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing (Nursing 517)
Shelli Wynants HHD Human Growth and Development (CAS 312)
Rachel McClanahan HHD School Nurse Specialist I (Nursing 530)
Karla Parsons HHD Advanced Concepts I (Nursing 340)
Leah Cleveland HHD Nursing Research: Evidence-based Practice (Nursing 310)
Cherie Ichinose NSM College Algebra (Math 115)
Cherie Ichinose NSM Pre-Calculus (Math 125)
Volker Janssen HSS American History Survey (History 180)

 *Marsha Orr is also a QM Master Reviewer.