History of the Desert Studies Center

The DSC is established

Student orientationAfter the eviction of Springer from Soda Springs, the BLM considered several options for the management of the Zzyzx district. The BLM decided in 1976 to sign a cooperative agreement with the California State University to occupy, renovate, and operate the site as a field station in support of educational and research activities in the region, and the Desert Studies Center was born. Click here to view a TV News story on the eventOpens in new window (and watch Springer roll up, in violation of court order).

In 1994, the US Congress passed the Desert Protection Act. In addition to establishing Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks, the act transfered management of Zzyzx's locale from the BLM to the National Park Service, and established Mojave National Preserve. The CSU Desert Studies Center was also named in that act.

Springer's spa buildings are now protected as both the Soda Springs Historic District, and are actively used as Desert Studies facilities. The spring-fed ponds developed by Springer hold significant portions of the endangered and endemic Mohave Tui chub population.