Obtaining permits for work at the DSC

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The Desert Studies Center is part of Mojave National Preserve. Activities on site must be permitted by the National Park Service. If you are working on nearby lands, you might need permits from the Bureau of Land Management, Death Valley National Park, or other landholders.

Getting started

  • Contact the Field Station ManagerOpens in new window  if you have general questions about your proposed activity.
  • The more lead time you give your permit applications, the more chance for success! 
  • Work in Mojave National Preserve or the nearby national parks requires a permit. The National Park Service operates IRMA, a database of resources and past researchOpens in new window in Mojave National Preserve and other parks. You may find helpful information for your project there. The NPS has an online permit application systemOpens in new window
  • Animal work, including invertebrates, likely require a CDFW and/or IACUCOpens in new window permits.
  •  Archaeological work on federal lands likely requires an ARPA permitOpens in new window .
  • Endangered species work requires an ESA permit and compliance with the ESA's Section 7Opens in new window .
  • Equipment installations may need to be reviewed for NHPA Section 106 compliance.