Utilities at the DSC

The DSC is off-grid and supplies its own water and power.

Electric Power

Power is provided 24/7 by a solar array and backup diesel generators. Outdoor lighting is turned off at 10pm, and visitors are encouraged to conserve electricity by leaving off lights and fans when not in  use, and avoid use of high-wattage devices like hair dryers. Discuss with site staff if your project requires significant electrical power or very steady power.

Cell service

4G service is available through all major providers on site. Do not expect cell coverage while traveling through Mojave National Preserve or surrounding areas.


The DSC has password-protected high speed wifi, but bandwidth is limited. Users may experience lags when large groups are on site.


Drinking water is filtered onsite, ask site staff for details. Tap water is not for drinking on site due to salt content. 


Wastewater goes to a septic system. Only biodegradable liquids, human waste, and toilet paper should go down the drain.