Climate at the DSC

The Mojave Desert is the most arid in North America. A defining characteristic is its dry summers - a lack of summer rain creates and especially harsh environment during the hottest months.


Rainfall in the Mojave Desert averages about 5" per year, arriving mainly in winter/spring. Isolated but intense summer monsoonal showers may fall in July and August. The DSC averages about 3" of rainfall per year. Higher elevations in the Mojave Desert can receive much more precipitation each year, including snow.


Temperatures vary widely by season and elevation in the Mojave Desert. Summer daytime temperatures in most of the Mojave Desert are commonly above 100°F from May through September. Winter low temperatures are regularly below freezing from November into March. An unofficial record high at the DSC is 125°F, and low is 8°F.

Mean Temperatures Chart - About Wind

Winds are strongly seasonal in the Mojave. Spring is generally the windiest season, with regular sustained winds >20 mph. Midwinter and midsummer are generally calm.