Student Advisory Council

annabelle recinos

Annabelle Recinos

Annabelle transferred to CSUF from Bakersfield College in Fall 2021. She is currently the President of the ASCE student chapter at CSUF . Serving her community was a driving force in her choosing to become a civil engineer. Throughout her academic career, she has served her community in many ways: as a STEM volunteer in underrepresented communities, a peer tutor, an SI leader, and an undergraduate researcher. Bringing her passion and experience to SAC, Annabelle looks forward to serving her fellow engineering students and being a voice for them.

jerod gray

Jerod Gray

Jerod Gray is a fifth-year graduating student at CSUF. Jerod works as an Engineering Research Technician at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project and is passionate about pursuing a career in water-related fields. During his free time, he loves going to the beach and exploring new areas in Southern California. However, most of his leisure moments are spent watching sports and enjoying quality time with close friends. Jerod is also enthusiastic about assisting others, so if you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out to him on campus.

shane sweeney

Shane Sweeney

Shane Sweeney, a senior in Civil Engineering, has uncovered various university opportunities since transferring. With eight years of experience as a Newport Beach lifeguard, he's dedicated to community service and applies a strong work ethic to enhance the community. Shane's field engineer role in Construction Management has given him insights into collaborative engineering projects. He looks forward to contributing his perspective to the Student Advisory Council, aiming to benefit both the administration and fellow students. His goal is to maximize his impact at Cal State Fullerton and foster a culture of achievement for future generations.

daniel santa maria

Daniel Santa Maria

Daniel Santa Maria, a senior who transferred from Santiago Canyon College in Fall 2022, is passionate about Geotechnical Engineering. He currently holds the position of President of the CalGeo club and is deeply involved with the GeoWall team. Daniel actively participates in ASCE club activities and has gained experience working in the Civil Lab on campus. His goal is to leverage the knowledge and wisdom acquired during his college journey to enhance the department and foster stronger connections between faculty and students.

philip barrios

Philip Barrios

Philip Barrios, a junior in civil engineering, aspires to make a difference in his community through a career as a Civil Engineer. He actively engages in student organizations like ASCE, ITE, CEMA, and SHPE, where he's formed connections, met professionals, and competed in engineering challenges. Notably, projects like the Environmental Design Competition and the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon have sparked his interest in water resources and sustainability. Philip enjoys staying active and attending baseball games with loved ones. As a member of this year's Student Advisory Council, he aims to enhance student involvement on campus and promote collaboration between staff and students outside the classroom, fostering a more positive experience for everyone.

james pham

James Pham

James Pham is a current graduate student who also works full-time for the City of Los Angeles as a civil engineering associate, with the goal of becoming a geotechnical engineer. James is eager to share insights about transitioning from school to a full-time job, and you're welcome to reach out to him anytime. He's always ready to provide assistance and support.

giovanni catalano

Giovanni Catalano

Giovanni Catalano is a sophomore majoring in civil engineering. During his free time, he relishes hiking in the mountains and is an avid runner. Giovanni plans to pursue graduate education after obtaining his bachelor's degree and aspires to conduct research aimed at enhancing the design and utilization of small modular nuclear reactors. In his capacity as a SAC member, he aims to work alongside faculty to develop policies that align with student aspirations and generate lasting benefits for the department.