Prerequisite Courses

Our Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) students are expected to have broad civil engineering knowledge through their undergraduate education. Students with non-civil engineering undergraduate degrees may be given conditional admission to the MSCE program, and they must take at least the following prerequisite courses:

EGCE 320 - Structural Analysis (3)Opens in new window

EGCE 330 - Engineering Hydraulics (3)Opens in new window

EGCE 340 - Soil Mechanics (3)Opens in new window

EGCE 325 - Reinforced Concrete Design (3)Opens in new window or EGCE 326 - Structural Steel Design (3)Opens in new window

  • Students with non-civil engineering undergraduate degrees must take EGCE 201 Statics and EGCE 203 Mechanics of material courses.
  • Students from non-engineering majors must have two semesters of college physics (PHYS 225 and 226) and Mathematics through differential equations (MATH 150A, 150B, 250A, and 250B). Students must complete these classes before applying to the graduate program. 
  • Students are expected to complete all of the prerequisite courses with a B- (2.7) or better before taking graduate courses. However, based on the student’s academic background and interest, the graduate advisor may approve up to 9 units of graduate courses that can be taken while a student is completing prerequisite courses.
  • Students with structural engineering focus must take EGCE 325 and EGCE 326 courses. 
  • Based on a student’s academic background, the graduate advisor may add or remove prerequisite courses.