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Post-Tenure Reviews

Per UPS 210.020:

The purpose of periodic evaluation of tenured faculty shall be to encourage and maintain excellent performance in university assignments. It is intended to be an occasion for consultation with colleagues, whose aim should be the encouragement and maintenance of excellence; an acknowledgment of positive contributions made by tenured faculty; and, a time to reflect upon opportunities for growth and professional development.

Each tenured faculty member shall be subject to a periodic evaluation under these procedures at least once every five years. A Performance Review for promotion shall be considered to be such a periodic evaluation in calculating the five-year intervals. At the beginning of the academic year, Faculty Affairs and Records shall inform the Department Chair and faculty members whose post-tenure review files are due on 10/2/2023.

Faculty in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) shall not be required to submit a post-tenure review file the faculty member requests to be reviewed or the appropriate administrator requests that the faculty member be reviewed. Tenured faculty members shall not be subject to a periodic evaluation if on sabbatical or approved leave-of-absence during that academic year. These files will be evaluated in the next academic year.