Faculty Student Success Dashboard

Faculty Student Success Dashboard (FSSD) empowers faculty to proactively engage with their students in ways that promote student success across a variety of indicators. This Dashboard is the first tool in its kind in the CSU system. With this Dashboard, faculty at Cal State Fullerton will be able to easily access individual academic performance, progress and success data  (e.g. retention, graduation) of students who enroll in their courses and observe how their work is reflected in overall, as well as individual, student success indicators. This Dashboard aims to increase awareness of the role faculty play in student success. 

Demographic data represented through the FSSD, includes Underrepresented, Sex, EOP, Parent Education Level, and Ethnicity, which can identify the disparities and create a pathway for social mobility. The demographic data, combined with the course data, university and department graduation percentages, Canvas (LMS) engagement data, and course comparison capabilities, aid faculty in taking actionable steps to eliminate gaps in their students’ academic achievement. 

The Dashboard also provides resources to faculty when examining their self-awareness on socio-cultural identities and biases.

SOQ and Graded Class List can also be accessed from the Dashboard. 

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GRANT- Faculty Student Success Dashboard (FSSD) Success Stories

Five faculty can win $500 each in exchange for their FSSD Success Story.

Faculty Criteria:

  1. Must have taught at CSUF at least since Fall 2020.
  2. Can support their success story with comparative data from FSSD.
  3. Provide facts on how the Dashboard changed their teaching approach.
  4. Explain how the Dashboard supported the change/approach.
  5. Explain at least one potential way the Dashboard can help students’ success based on their usage of the FSSD.
  6. List additional information desire to have access to via the Dashboard and why (optional).

*Those who are selected must be willing to share their Success Story through a video for publication on the FSSD webpage (https://www.fullerton.edu/fssd)

Please submit your Success Story to FacultyDashboard@fullerton.eduOpens in new window by 05/31/2023
(maximum of 1500 words total, supporting graphs not included in word count).


Faculty Student Success Dashboard at a glance