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Access to 24/7 chat and phone support through the Canvas help menu

The Canvas support phone number and chat function can be found in the help menu within Canvas.  Please log in to your Canvas dashboard to access.

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Academic Technology Center (PLS-237) Walk In Support - beginning August 1

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After careful review and with the help of our LMS Evaluation Task Force, our locally hosted Learning Management System, Moodle (TITANium), will be transitioning to Canvas in phases.

Canvas Equivalencies Chart

The pilot of Canvas will be available starting Summer 2020 to give faculty the flexibility of when to start delivering courses via Canvas. Faculty will have until Summer 2021 (next year), to transition to Canvas. This means faculty may choose to teach any of their courses in either TITANium or Canvas during Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (transition year.)

What will be available in TITANium at the end of Spring 2021 semester:

  • Summer 2020 to Spring 2021 TITANium – content will be available until Summer 2022
  • Summer 2019 to Spring 2020 TITANium – content will be available until Summer 2022
  • Older TITANium content will be provided upon request

Support During the Transition:

The following has been established to help ensure a smooth transition:

  • Faculty will continue to have the option of using TITANium through the end of Spring 2021
  • Canvas professional development sessions will begin in April 2020
  • Faculty will be provided assistance with moving and designing courses from TITANium to Canvas
  • 24/7 Support from Canvas will start in May 2020

Canvas Migration Plan:

  • End of Fall 2019 – Finalize criteria and determine which LMS products to evaluate (Complete)
  • Spring 2020 – Begin evaluation of selected LMS solutions (Complete)
  • Spring 2020 - Course transformation from TITANium to selected LMS solution, Canvas (In Progress)
  • Summer 2020 – Introduce LMS solution to the campus (early adopters)
  • Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 - Both Canvas and TITANium will be available
  • Summer 2021 - Canvas will be CSUF's new LMS. We will archive TITANium
  • Fall 2021 - Canvas will be used by faculty