Academic Technology Center (ATC)

The ATC focuses on the development and provision of technology to the faculty. All equipment in the center can be reserved for use by faculty to complete work individually, or in collaboration with FDC coordinators or IT staff.

The ATC provides technology support for:

  • ATI (Accessible Technology Initiative)
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Technology Training
  • ERTP (Electronic, Retention, Tenure & Promotion) Portfolios
  • Titanium/ LMS Learning Management Systems
  • Technology Questions & Mobile Device Support
  • Data Destruction & Recovery
  • Password Reset
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks) Setup
  • AV Cabinet Key Checkout
  • Classroom Technology Demo Room

Contact us

Phone: (657) 278-4050



Stop by the ATC for assistance with the following software:

  • Office 365
  • Dropbox
  • Adobe
  • Titanium/LMS
  • Etc.

Full List of Campus Issued Software

Titan Direct Access

The Titan Direct Access Program offers digital course materials to students through the Campus Portal and TITANium. 

Titan Direct Access