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2019 PROUD Nominees

The CSU- LSAMP Program for Recognition of Undergraduate Distinction (CSU-LSAMP PROUD) is a new program designed to recognize and highlight the achievements of our outstanding CSU-LSAMP students. Each year, the LSAMP Statewide Office requests that campuses select up to four students based upon their achievements such as outstanding academic performance, research accomplishments, service, leadership, or personal triumph. These PROUD Scholars will be featured in an annual CSU-LSAMP publication that will be made available on the CSU-LSAMP Statewide website. All students featured in the publication will receive a certificate acknowledging their distinction. Below are the 2019 PROUD Nominees from CSUF! We congratulate all of their success!

Alejandra Angulo

Alejandra Angulo stands infront of lab equipment.Alejandra Angulo was a Geology major who graduated from California State University, Fullerton and was an LSAMP Research Scholar for three semesters. Alejandra was in Dr. Valbone Memeti’s research group and specialized in studying enclaves of the Jack Main Canyon intrusive complex (JMCIS) in Yosemite National Park. The purpose of her research was to study the nature of magma recharge in the crust by examining the enclaves that preserve direct evidence of these recharge events. For her research project, Alejandra spent eight weeks in the JMCIS collecting field data and a total of 30 enclave samples on which she conducted petrographic and geochemical analyses. She presented her preliminary findings at the Geological Society of America’s (GSA) annual meeting in November of 2018, and presented her final project at the GSA Cordilleran Section meeting in May of 2019. Alejandra found her passion for Igneous Petrology through working in Dr. Memeti’s lab. She is continuing her work on Igneous Petrology though a Master’s degree at Texas Tech University. Her long-term goal is to become a professor at a university and to give research opportunities to underrepresented students.


Alexandro Luna smiling


Alex is a junior Mathematics major at California State University, Fullerton. He has been doing research with Dr. Ibragimov in Analysis and Metric Geometry since Spring 2017. The result of this joint work is currently being prepared for publication in “Invole, a Journal of Mathematics”, which is a prestigious, peer-reviewed journal published by the University of California at Berkeley. A few of his accomplishments during the past two years: (1) Presented over 6 talks at various venues including a national conference; (2) International Summer Research Experience in Uzbekistan; (3) One of 6 students selected to participate in Graduate Readiness and Access in Mathematics (GRAM) program at CSUF; (4) National REU program at CSU San Bernardino. Upon graduation in May 2020, Alex plans to attend a Ph.D. program in Mathematics and hopes to become a university professor.


Denyz Melchor stands by presentation

Denyz Melchor

Denyz Melchor is a senior Physics major at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). She has been participating in research at the Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Center with advisor Professor Geoffrey Lovelace for the past two years. Denyz’s work focuses on simulating computer generated binaries of black holes and neutron stars. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) has yet to observe these types of binaries and these simulations that model the gravitational waves produced by the binaries and the behavior of the nuclear matter can help give LIGO insight into what characteristics they should hope to see. The summer of 2018 she was in both Germany and Australia participating in the University of Florida’s International Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) for Gravitational Wave Physics. In April 2019, she was awarded the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship, the first of two students ever at CSUF to receive this award. This past summer, she participated in the Astronomy and Astrophysics REU at Cornell University. After attending several conferences to present her research, she was selected to be part of the Education and Public Outreach for the LIGO-VIRGO collaboration. Continuing in this path she hopes to further assist LIGO in these observations. Denyz will attend graduate school upon completing her Bachelor of Science in Physics in the Spring of 2020.


Jamie Hayward works on her computer

Jamie Hayward

Jamie Hayward, an LSAMP scholar for the 2019 academic year, graduated summa cum laude from California State University, Fullerton in May 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Geology. She participated in research in Dr. Valbone Memeti’s Igneous Petrology lab, tracking chemical and mineralogical changes across cooled magma chambers to learn about how magma chambers evolve through time and space. During the 2018 summer break, Jamie collected rock samples in Yosemite National Park in a two-week adventured filled backpacking trip. She analyzed those samples at the CSUF lab in the fall and presented her findings at the 2019 GSA Cordilleran Section conference. In doing this project, Jamie contributed to the broader knowledge of how magma chambers form and evolve, which helps predict and inform the public on potential volcanic eruptions. She anticipates applying to graduate school for the 2021 academic year, with the higher career goal of working for the United State Geological Survey as a research scientist.