Application Process 

Students may apply to the LSAMP program to become either Participants or Research Scholars:

We recommend that if you are entering the program for the very first time and have no prior research experience, then you apply as a Participant. Participants are eligible to reap many of the benefits of the program, but do not receive funding for actively engaging in research. We accept Participant applications year round. 

Research Scholars are those individuals who are actively engaged in research with a CSUF faculty mentor and get LSAMP funding for their research experience. Each year the application submission window for Research Scholars is between September 1 and September 20 . 

The same application is used for both Participants and Research Scholars.

Application FormPDF File Opens in new window



A letter of support from a faculty member or research mentor at CSUF. Letters of support must be emailed directly to by faculty mentors.The letter of support is only required for Research Scholar applicants. For those individuals who are requesting a letter from their faculty research mentor, please feel free to provide him or her with the Letter Writer GuidePDF File Opens in new window .


Submitting your application:

Once you complete the application, please request a meeting with Dr. Ibragimov by sending an email to   Your application and all the necessary paperwork will be processed during the meeting, which will take place during the last week of September. Please wait to receive an email from the LSAMP program regarding your  meeting with Dr. Ibragimov.