Program Benefits



  • Receive up to $150  scholarship towards purchasing a required STEM textbook.
  • Receive up to $150  scholarship towards registration fees to present at in-person/online conferences.
  • Receive up to $150 scholarship towards  graduate school application fees and/or GRE exam registration fees.
  • Receive $3,000 scholarship to participate in a fully funded, summer international REU.
  • Priority Registration.
  • Waived graduate school application fees for most graduate programs.
  • Eligible to apply for the BD Masters and BD Ph.D. programs that award students an annual scholarship.
  • Exposure to additional research opportunities within LSAMP and beyond.
  • Ability to attend LSAMP workshops both at CSUF and throughout California.
  • Guidance and mentorship by the LSAMP Program Director.



In addition to the benefits listed for participants, research scholars receive the following benefits:

  • $1,000 scholarship  per semester for conducting research with a CSUF faculty mentor ( juniors and seniors only).