In Fall 2018 MSI-Fullerton released its guiding framework and curriculum known as our MSI-Fullerton Pillars of Potential (MSI-Pillars).  As you review our four MSI-Pillars please do so with a sense of possibility.  With the implementation of MSI-Pillars founded on the principles of men of color (MOC) thriving rather than surviving, California State University-Fullerton will become a destination for men from all walks of life MOC, men, and students who self-identify as men to learn and graduate at the fullness of their potential. 
Research explains, for far too often supporting MOC in educational spaces are synonymous with mediocre results and low academic expectations facilitated by remedial services and resources (Harper, 2014; Harris, 2015; Howard & Associates, 2017).  It is our hope that the high expectations set by MSI-Fullerton, will not only drastically increase the potential, retention, and graduation rates of our MOC Scholars and Fellows here at Cal State Fullerton; but we will do so with the reassurance that as educators we will unlearn the troubled narratives of MOC as underachieving and disenfranchised (Cuyjet, 2006; Yosso, 2005; Harper & Nichols, 2008; Hill, 2016; Howard & Associates, 2017) and embrace a counter narrative approach fueled by culturally and gender specific High Impact Practices. 

MSI Pillar

Academic Counseling/ Mentoring

The (1st) and (4th) Pillar of Potential serve as foundational pillars of our work. They intentionally bookend one another starting with the (1st) Pillar: Academic Counseling/Mentoring.


L.E.E.D.- Leadership. Engagement. Enrichment. & Development.

The (2nd) Pillar of Potential serves as a driving thrust of our programming and curriculum model. The second Pillar: LEED- Leadership. Engagement. Enrichment. & Development is embedded within our curriculum and produces programs and events that are specific to brotherhood development outcomes.

MSI Pillar

MSI Pillar

Career Trajectory: Declaring your Potential

The (3rd) Pillar of Potential serves to promote early career/post-graduation planning between Sophomore and Junior year to increase our brother’s post-graduation success and life goals.  The third Pillar: Career Trajectory: Declaring your Potential will occur in overlapping stages within our curriculum.


Gender, Masculinity & Culture: Building brotherhood

through a sense of belonging.

The (4th) Pillar of Potential serve as a foundational pillar of our work.  The (4th) Pillar of Potential: Gender, Masculinity & Culture serves to reimagine traditional gender and masculine norms often associated with men of color (MOC) in higher education spaces. 

MSI Pillar