Support that Makes a Difference

Gratitude is often mentioned when scholars are asked about their experiences with the President's Scholars Program

Scholars share a keen awareness of how much they have received from this unique scholarship program. It’s this sense of gratitude that leaves a lasting impression on many donors. Once they meet the students and gain a full appreciation of the impact of the President’s Scholars Program, it becomes clear just how meaningful their support can be.

The majority of Cal State Fullerton students work at least part-time, and some even more, to support their studies. The scholarship’s generous financial benefits alleviate the necessity for many students to work while going to school and opens the door to opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise. This support allows President’s Scholars to immerse themselves in research, professional internships, service projects and other experiences that provide outstanding preparation for graduate school or beginning a chosen career. Often these experiences give scholars a necessary edge for their next step beyond college.

The generosity of the program’s donors makes the scholarship a reality, but donors also have a tremendous impact on shaping a President’s Scholars experience on campus. Donors serve as role models, provide encouragement and support, and often promote valuable networking opportunities for scholars.


Donors especially enjoy the rewards of getting to know the scholars, watching them thrive at Cal State Fullerton, and seeing firsthand how these talented and deserving students make the most of the President’s Scholars Program.

We encourage you to give at every level. Private donations are the only means of funding the President’s Scholars Program; yearly contributions determine how many students will be accepted into the incoming class. All gifts, at any level, are critical to the continued success of our program and the ability for Cal State Fullerton to offer competitive scholarships to California’s highest achieving students.