Applying to be a Scholar

More About the Application Process

Looking for the Application? The President's Scholars Application is part of the "Honors & Scholars Program Online Application". There are several programs which use this application, click on the names of them to learn more about these programs. Make sure you follow the directions below to ensure you are applying for the programs you are interested in.

Where is the Application?

You can access the application through your student portal by clicking on this link, or by navigating through this tutorial.

  1. Go to, Click on “Students” to log in.Type in your username and password, click “Login”. Click on need help or first time if you need assistance.
  2. Once in your portal, search on the left for scholarships and click on the app. This will take you to the University Scholarship Portal.
  3. Click on “Open Scholarship Application” to get started with your application.
  4. In Scholarship Portal there are multiple active applications. Click on the "Start Application" button in the Honors and Scholars Programs section.
  5. Download the step by step guide herePDF File .

What does a candidate need to do?

The duties of the candidate are very straightforward and streamlined, there are only two actions required of them:

  1. Complete the online application; this covers academic achievement, community service, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and essays.
  2. Ensure you are sharing about your unique background and experiences. The committee wants to learn about you and see how you might fit with this diverse group.
  3. Attend an interview; if the candidate passes the application review, a time and date will be scheduled for the candidate to be  invited to an interview with the committee comprised of faculty, staff, alumni, and current scholars.

Please note the following:

  • DEADLINES - The Honors & Scholars Program Application is a joint application so it is important that you note that there are different application deadlines, but we can only list one on the portal. Check with each program to verify their deadline. If you are wanting to apply for multiple programs with different deadlines you will need to submit your entire application by the earliest deadline. 
  • PROGRAM CHOICES - Make sure to answer yes to the programs you are interested in. This will activate specific additional questions or essays that you will need to complete.
  • APPLICATION SUBMISSION - We can only review your application once you have completed the whole application, entered your essays,  and clicked submit.
  • RECOMMENDERS – Letters of recommedation are not required. You may be asked to submit recommendor contact information should it be needed. You can add lettters of recommendation and other content to your attachments section of the application. 

Have questions or need help?

Tech Support

If you need technical support please contact

Program Questions

If you have questions about the Center for Scholars programs please contact the Center for Scholars, 657-278-3458 or 

How is a candidate evaluated?

Our program incorporates an intensive, three-step process to thoroughly evaluate candidates. This process has been consistently reviewed and refined over the years in order to provide a holistic view of applicants. The three distinct components used to assess the candidate are as follows:

  1. Inital Review - Academic information (Grade Point Average -GPA), Program specific requirement (ie: Transfer student, First Generation, California Resident)
  2. Application Review - Application, essays, and suplemental application content reviewed and scored by selection committee
  3. Interview - Selected applications are invited to an interview with the selection committee. Students responses and performance will be evaluated and scored.

Extra Information

The application may request information that may not be disclosed to committee members to allow for an equal opportunity. Though demographic information is collected, it is not made available to our reviewers at any time.

For many scholars, the screening process itself exemplifies the dedication President’s Scholars receive from the campus. Embedded in excellence and focused on creating opportunities, our program thrives because we continue to support the best of the best. Accomplishing our goal begins with selecting the right scholars – and year after year, we do.

During each round of the selection cycle students' scores are reset to allow for consistancy and equality.  Award Offers Made to Top Ranked Applicants after interviews. Students will have a minimum of one week to make a decision.