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Compliance Sheriff Update


If you're getting 'Bookmark not found' issues and you know it's a false error, just upload the scans and we'll handle it centrally for you.


The new zip for the OU templates have been posted. This is a major upgrade with bug fixes and new features. If you need assistance, please feel free to ask for help.


Monthly ATI Scans

Remember to scan and upload your results for all active sites that you belong to.  For more information on the process see the Website Compliancy section.


Web Services

If you need access to web sites, Compliance Sheriff, or want to get your website added to our list let us know.  IT Web Services has forms to help

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Learn how to review, fix, and pass your sites

Website Compliancy

Is your campus website compliant with section 504/508 and CSU standards?

Learn about making instructional materials ATI Compliant

Instructional Materials

Are your instructional materials accessible to persons with or without disabilities?

ATI Compliancy for Purchasing items at CSUF

Procurement Info

Does your product or service conform to section 508 Accessibility standards for Electronic & Information Technology?