ATI Instructional Materials Accessiblity Group


The Instructional Materials Accessibility Group advises the ATI steering committee and consults on the management of  instructional and scholarly activities, from the perspective of a faculty member in a college or division.


  • Advises Campus on strategy, policy, tactics, and implementation of instructional and scholarly technologies that impact the Academic Affairs division, including ADA compliance for instructional materials.
  • Conducts an annual review of the ATI instructional materials report.
  • The committee maintains contact with the Provost's Council, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Council of Chairs, Educational Resources Committee and other related committees.
Current Members for ATI Instructional Materials Accessibility Group
Name Title
Armando Garcia Accessible Technology Coordinator, Disability Support Services , Student Affairs
Marc Trinh IT Consultant, Information Technology
Erica Bowers Senior Director, Academic Technology Center
Marc Montaser ATI Coordinator, Information Technology
Shelli Wynants Quality Online Inclusive Learning Design Coordinator
Ken Moyer Instructional Designer, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Claudiu Damsa Campus Engagement Specialist, Titan Shops Bookstore
Colleen Robledo Greene Digital Literacy Librarian, Pollak Library
Roman Hernandez IT Consultant, Information Technology
Loretta Donovan Professor Elementary and Bilingual Education
Shengjie Kung Alt-Format Specialist, Disability Support Services , Student Affairs