ATI Web Accessibility Group


The Web Accessibility Group advises the ATI Steering Committee, and provides oversight for consistent, ADA-compliant websites for both web pages developed using the Campus content management system or other web pages used by a member of the Campus community.  The group  reviews University web projects (including ongoing and future division web projects), and make recommendations and identify ATI issues as appropriate.


Provides recommendations to the ATI Steering Committee regarding CSUF websites and other web properties, including:

  • Web content management system, including guidelines for usage.
  • Works with Campus Web Advisory Group to identity and design guidelines compliance.
  • ADA compliance, including annual review of ATI web reports.
  • Review upcoming design and brand issues with the Campus Web Advisory Group for CSUF website adoption.  
  • Develop implementation of web policies, standards, and identification of best practices for website owners and contributors.
Current Members for ATI Web Accessibility Group
Name Title
Mike Blyleven Web Team, Information Technology
Raven Mansen Web Team, Information Technology
Jonni Taylor Web Team, Information Technology
Larry Wong Web Team, Information Technology - HSS
Tina Phan Web Team, Information Technology - HSS
Marc Montaser ATI Coordinator, Information Technology
Mishu Vu Art Director and Senior Director, Online Communications, University Advancement
Pauline Laverde

Information Technology, Administration and Finance

David Palmquist


Cotton Coslett


Steven Cooper

College of Business 

Khanh Chu

College of Business

Luke Higgott

Housing and Residential Engagement