ATI Steering Committee

The  ATI Steering Committee serves as a  governance group and principal adviser to the Campus regarding ATI issues and guidelines for adherence. They report, through the Vice President for Information Technology, to the President’s Cabinet and meets monthly.

  • The ATI Steering Committee convenes twice per year and membership varies depending on availability.
Current Members for ATI Steering Committee meetings
Name Title
Amir Dabirian Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Kristin Stang  AVP Faculty Support Services, Professor of Special Education
Lisa Kirtman Dean and Professor, College of Education, Academic Affairs
Sean Walker Professor of Biology and Interim Associate Dean, NSM, Academic Affairs
Mike Blyleven Web Team, Information Technology
Steven Yim Assistant Vice President for Financial Services & Administrative Systems/Controller, Administration and Finance
Marc Montaser ATI Coordinator, Information Technology
Mishu Vu Art Director and Senior Director, Online Communications, University Advancement
Phenicia McCullough Assistant Vice President Human Resources Services, HRDI
Lori Palmerton Director of Disability Support Services, Student Affairs
Nelson Nagai Director Contracts and Procurement, Administration and Finance
Kathy Spofford Executive Director of Student Wellness, Student Affairs
Vacant Director, Academic Technology Center, Information Technology
Mara Ahmad Student Representative