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Digital Homelessness Initiative

A Transformational Opportunity

Homelessness is a complex and critical issue across our nation and right here in Orange County. In 2019, 6,680 homeless were counted in Orange County alone. In the CSU system 11% of students have experienced homelessness, at least once, in the last year. Seniors, veterans, and young people, ages 18-24, make up the majority of this population. There is no one solution to solve this challenge, and Dr. Panandagan and his team seek to infuse their expertise through existing efforts, leveraging technology to directly or indirectly serve the homeless population.

What can we do?

The Digital Homelessness Initiative promises to leverage the benefits of human outreach with adaptive technology, including telehealth assessments for mental health needs, smart supportive spaces, a digital identity initiative, and service-learning opportunities for Cal State Fullerton students. Dr Panandagan is already working with the local, non-profit Mercy House, and we invite other collaborative efforts to help us tackle this challenging issue.

Let’s get started!

Creating an innovation hub where technology thought leaders can partner with different groups that provide direct service to the homeless population is one way for us to make a positive impact in Orange County. Our faculty and students seek ways to use their education for the betterment of society.

Your support of the Digital Homeless Initiative will allow for research, community partnerships and the ability to place technologically-focused concepts into practice as we work toward building new ways to address the complex issues facing our homeless citizens.

Most importantly, we must prepare our students to be ready to tackle the issues facing their communities. With a strong foundation in the fundamentals of engineering and computer science plus service-learning experiences that reveal the impacts of their applications on real people, our graduates will be poised to address these challenges in ways that were not even considered before.”

Anand Panangadan

To learn more and review investment opportunity in support of this project, review the Digital Homelessness Initiative (PDF).

Download the full prospectus for this Big Idea