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 California State University, Fullerton



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Policy for Sending Unsolicited
Electronic Announcements

Cal State Fullerton maintains an electronic message network exclusively for its students, faculty and staff, as well as staff of its auxiliaries and affiliate organizations (Emeriti, for example), to facilitate the achievement of its Mission and Goals. This Policy outlines acceptable content and methods of distributing unsolicited electronic announcements through that system.

I. Distribution of Electronic Announcements

A. A faculty or staff member in the fulfillment of their employment responsibilities may send an unsolicited electronic announcement to a group of individuals involved in or associated with a specific program (for example, all students involved in Educational Outreach), category (for example, all students past due on payments or all part-time faculty), operational unit (for example, all staff in the Division of Student Affairs) or academic unit (for example, all students with the same major or all faculty and staff in the same department).

B. A Division Head may send an unsolicited electronic announcement to generic groups of account holders such as "all faculty," "all students," "all students in a particular college," or "all staff" to communicate information they deem critical to the achievement of the university's Mission and Goals. These messages may be sent from the desktop of the Division Head or their designee and must be limited to the following:

  1. Messages from the President
  2. A health or safety issue, or an issue of a similar nature, impacting a significant portion of the campus community
  3. Physical plant conditions or activities impacting a significant portion of the campus community
  4. The university's network
  5. CSU or university policies and procedures
  6. Employment-related issues or
  7. Student academic deadlines, requirements and other information, including financial
II. Campus Bulletin Board

A. A faculty or staff member in the fulfillment of their employment responsibilities, or a student or affiliate club or organization sponsoring a campus event, may request that the appropriate Division Head or designee post an unsolicited electronic announcement to the campus electronic message website (currently operating as the Campus Bulletin Board). These messages must originate from a university department, unit, division or program; auxiliary; or a student or affiliate club or organization.

III. Content Guidelines

A. Unsolicited electronic announcements that pertain to profit making, selling, promoting or other entrepreneurial activities of individuals or groups unaffiliated with the university; imply university endorsement of a partisan, political or religious position; serve as a conduit for organizations or individuals not affiliated with the university; or contain messages of a political or personal nature may not be sent unless (a) representative of a university position or Board of Trustees' action or (b) authorized under federal or state law or a ratified MOU.

IV. Responsibility

A. The Chief Information Technology Officer will administer this Policy, and the Chief Information Technology Officer or designee will serve as the university's Postmaster.

B. Senders of unsolicited electronic announcements will be held responsible for adhering to this Policy. Conduct that violates this Policy is subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including dismissal or expulsion. Questions concerning the appropriateness of an unsolicited electronic announcement may be directed to the Chief Information Technology Officer or designee.

Approved By: President's Administrative Board
No prior version.

Administered By: Chief Information Technology Officer
Date: May 1, 2002